Random Talk Thread, MK. IV

■■■■ Canada, Mexico, and all the rest! 'MERICA!!!111

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Color me jealous. We haven’t had a foot of snow in at least a year. Maybe two.


What makes you think they could drive in those conditions even with snow tires on? (Actually, I know you know the answer to that already and the ‘you’ is generic not specific)

Funny thing: I know a lot of people who’ve adopted 4WD because it’s apparently safer in winter. Guess which cars I most often see in the ditch beside the highway when the snow starts flying? SUVs with 4WD… And it’s usually the same issue: I feel safer therefore I can drive like I normally do regardless of the conditions. Ah well.


We haven’t had snow here since 2018.

So I can’t say we ever had to buy snow tires for our Jeep.

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I can’t really agree with the sentiment, but you get a heart so you feel loved, even if you’re wrong about this.

Sure they’re safer, but it helps you start and does nothing to help you stop. You can’t fix stupid.


I have never been wrong about anything. :eyes:

This is not limited to Canada. Granted, it doesn’t snow as much or as often here; however, when I pass cars in the ditch it’s always a big ass truck OR a Honda Civic with glass packs. WTF?


It’s universal.


I’m on Mike’s side on this snow thing, I haven’t even had a dusting down here this winter, and I’d like some. Albeit to be fair, driving around here is even worse. The smallest bit and we start having people in ditches, and everything starts closing.


I’m currently updating the drivers on my mom’s laptop.

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Not from lack of trying.

We finally got some.

here’s my 3 kids. No faces to protect the innocent. (The dog isn’t ■■■■■■■ innocent).

Indeed. A coworker who lives down the street (my employer employs a notable percentage of the community) flew by me like an ■■■■■■■ this morning and 3 minutes later I saw them in the ditch. I didn’t want to be late and it was a police and or tow truck situation so I kept going. They were fine, showed up to work tardy and humbled. Guess what they were driving? Modded Civic. :rofl:

My kids bubble bath must be made by the same Bandit that makes Etech SMGs😝
Speaking of brood, I think I read @paulothead’s is growing? Congrats sir, and R.I.P. to your virility.


Carnage Blood Bubble Bath! Pure Splash!

Soak your meat!

huh. It shoots bubbles


I use Winter Candy Apple body wash.

It’s smells like what I imagine what most Maliwan guns would smell like.

I know, I’m weird. :crazy_face:

Hmm, GBX please make Borderlands bubble guns.

With scented bubbles!

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You did, and thank you.

Appreciated, but no great loss. I set a line and will respect it. I don’t want to be outnumbered, and even at 2 on 1 we feel outnumbered most days. I have no idea how we’ll handle 1:1 without regimented inebriation, or if it’s even possible.


Somtimes, everyone needs a little space hitler.

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While I was looking up old commercials on YouTube last night, I found a commercial for a GBA game called “Urban Yeti”.

Judging by the name, I started to think about @paulothead.


That is an accurate description of me. I am a Yeti, and it doesn’t get more urban than NYC. I am about to go and do a little research. Danke.


Bitte! :+1:

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Mmph. Conference paper on Downton Abbey went down a treat. I actually got to show video clips! This has never happened before. Up to now it’s just been me reading aloud passages of Irish literature interspersed with the odd picture of blown up brickwork. Things are a lot more fun with clips of Allen Leech shouting about Easter 1916 in a Dublin accent. Sigh. Why can’t I be an upper class Englishwoman who sees the light and marries a handsome IRA man? Anyway, got drunk at the conference dinner. I tried to order beer but it turned out to be yogurt and the guy didn’t charge me for it, so I broke with tradition and left a tip.


Oh love, I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself and brought down the academic house. However, you need to explain this :point_down:

A transcript, possibly a PowerPoint with colorful illustrations, would be helpful. And if you mean you were given a fermented, alcoholic, creamy and tart/sweet dairy dish then I will need a full culinary report. :wink: