Random Talk Thread, MK. IV

Ha! Those are part of my look permanently! And to that one can add that I am nocturnal, eat junk, am chubby and will fight you over food.

Oh my, that can mean only one thing :scream_cat:

I am not a cat, I am:


One of the things many people get wrong about a global apocalypse is that it’s not the cockroaches that will emerge on top. It’s the damn raccoons! Mutated ones, at that.

I’m honestly surprised mutant raccoons have yet to show up in a Fallout game. Unless they would be deemed far too challenging?


I thought mutant racoons were already in Fallout. They just renamed them Deathclaws. Deathclaws are to Fallout what Tonberries are to Final Fantasy. Terrifying. Awww look at the cute little Yoda lookalike shuffling towards me with his little toothpick dagger bless him. WTF 1HP in one hit run, run, run, WTF are you? Arrrrrrrrrghhhh.

Too big. I mean, I know mutant raccoons would likely be larger than regular ones, but not that large and transformed, and definitely not laying eggs.

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I dunno on the size bit VH. Some of the larger Radroaches were half the player characters size and Radscorpions were often bigger than the player character. My memory sucks, I don’t remember Deathclaws having eggs, I thought they were some mutant mammal lol.

There are missions in both NV and 4 to collect Deathclaw eggs to make omelettes. Which provide some pretty good health perks.

I don’t remember radroaches larger than what I’d estimate as a couple of feet long, unless they had bigger ones in 76 (which I didn’t buy). The radscorpions do come in quite a range of sizes though.


They did indeed yeah, and some of the rad scorps were stupid huge in it lol. Your not missing much with 76 though man, but it did seem to scale the enemies up a bit. TBH though the growth scale of mutations in fallout does not follow any set pattern. It seems to vary massively with some insects for example getting huge growth compared to its original scale to say a human that became a mutant. The mutants are of course bigger but not on the same kind of scale we see on the insects. No real rhyme or reason to it.

As for the eggs I would have done those missions for sure, yet my mind is completely blank of them XD. Stupid brain.

EDIT had to go take a look at what they were and found this bit of info VH.

The deathclaws were originally created before the Great War by the United States military, in order to replace humans during high-risk close-combat search-and-destroy missions[1]. They were Jackson’s Chameleons[2] genetically modified with DNA of various other species.

The Master also experimented on the deathclaws early on, but his experiments were not very successful, and eventually they were not used in his army. However, some of the modifications he made to their genome refined them into even more dangerous beasts[1].

So it seems they were some freak experimental chameleons. This explains why they always seem to be right on top of me before I notice them!

It’s been a rough few days. Crappy sleep, current events, an upheaval at work - all of which affects the other. Therefore I was particularly grateful to live where I live today.

We went to a spot I haven’t been to in years - a mountain that’s a short but steep climb up. We’ve had some pretty ■■■■ days - rain, rain and lots of rain - but today it was just monochrome. At the summit however it was fog that was being swept around by a fair wind - maybe 20k/h. Visibility was maybe 50-100 meters.

By some miracle we had the top to ourselves and we just clambered from cliff to cliff, watching the landscape shift as the fog moved, the pale sun poke through from time to time, ravens, the wind blowing in the lichen-covered oaks, tufts of straw, scotch broom.
It felt like what I imagine the Scottish islands to be like.

As we started to leave, a guy with three dogs arrived. For probably ten minutes we heard him call nonstop to his dogs : Cubby come here Cubby come Cubby come come here Cubby viens Cubby come viens ici come here Cubby Cubby come viens ici Cubby, etc.

We never did figure out if Cubby was one dog or all three of them.


Here on the other hand, we’re behind by about four months of rain, so… I could use some more, despite it being rainy now (albeit the forecast is for sun/showers the rest of the week). On the plus(?) side it’s windy here for once. Up around 70 MPH, which is not bad - enough that it caused the power to blink twice, and makes my fence shake and twist.


That photo reminds me of hiking on the Isle of Skye. I love those misty mountain tops. Although, they aren’t quite as pleasant when there’s a scree slope to 300’ sheer cliffs on one side of the ridge you’re climbing towards!


Here’s the soundtrack to 'em:


there’s something very comforting to see an iteration of this thread still (relatively) active after all these years


I’m starting to think letting my 2.9 year old son listen to Rage Against the Machine before bed isn’t the greatest idea. Not that it keeps him up nights, he sleeps like a champ, but I suspect I’ll get in some form of trouble if he starts performing Killing In The Name Of when we go outside.


I admit, I’m mildly surprised to see you Watho. Welcome back.

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…just finished binging Chernobyl.

■■■■■■■ dark, man. :flushed:

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i’ve been meaning to watch that for a while. it seems really good but i need to be in the right headspace for it