Random Talk Thread, MK. IV

Glad it’s working out somewhere, I had everything from my magnolia to my plum trees bloom, then days of hard freezes. My backyard looks like someone went on a flower murdering spree. You can barely see the grass for dead flowers.


I can’t tell if this is erotic, hypnotic, or poetic, but I’m behind it.


Uhm, neither if you ask me.

Aptly put and funny for sure, though.


Crap wrong thread. derp.

Pilots just want to have fun. And be the fastest…

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“79th successful landing of an orbital class rocket” Also, neat footage from the rocket-cam!


Wow really SpaceX 79th Rocket launch? Am I the only one that thinks Elon Musk might actually kill the planet before we make a habitable home in space? Apparently each launch creates 336,552 KG of CO2 carbon footprint. A London to New York flight clocks in at about 986 KG of CO2. Really surprised any of these rockets leave the ground without some eco warrior nutter strapped to them.

I hate this whole space tourism idea personally. If were going to be blasting that much crap into the environment every time, rocket launches should be limited to essential research projects. Rather than destroying the planet so super rich a-holes can go float around for a few hours.

We are so far of solving the real things we need to make real space colonization a possibility, most of which would be solved on the ground, before throwing hundreds of rockets up there.


79th landing. They’ve actually launched a lot more.

It looks like you might have two different measures confused there - carbon footprint versus direct emissions? Those are going to be very different numbers. Do you have the source for that info? Also I’ll note that there are way more passenger and cargo flights than rocket launches by a significant margin.

None of the SpaceX launches to this point have been space tourism; they’ve all been satellite deployments or crew & cargo deliveries to the ISS. There’s one ‘space tourism’ launch scheduled as part of the fundraising for the next gen SpaceX vehicle. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic on the other hand…

You can actually do both at the same time, since building a rocket capable of carrying humans to Mars and returning to earth is not a trivial task. Which is kind of what the Starship/Super Heavy program is all about. There’s plenty of other groups been working on Mars habitat ideas for a decade or two, including a prototype experimental ‘colony’ up in the Arctic Circle in Canada.

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Yeah I grabbed those numbers just from the the first googles answer. I think the 2nd number must be based on about 350 people being on board a jumbo jet. Looking at some other numbers I think it means a full plane would use about 170k CO2 and the low number is each persons personal footprint. so not as bad as those numbers looked at first thankfully. Still god awful for the planet but only about 2 full trans Atlantic jumbo jets worth.

Glad to hear that most of the launches so far have not been tourism based. With 3 companies working on it now I just can’t help envision a future where the atmosphere will be filled with rockets taking a handful of billionaires each from say the same London to New York or Tokyo etc for super speedy travel. But most will be unlikely to buy a ticket on these shuttles for their entire entourages. They will use it to show off to important people and send the rest of the lackeys on private jets to meet them at their destination. Causing far more emissions of course. Ahh well it was just a thought that ran through my head for the first time really when I saw you mention 79 had landed. Got me wondering how much each launch burned and set me rambling.

Seen an article on the colony in the artic a while ago. Interesting stuff. I guess if the world was ending and everyone else is leaving for their Mars colonies, I would be the insane old coot sitting on his roof watching the world burn as the sky lit up with rockets, saying something cratchety to myself like ‘I was born here, and I will die here. Go on run away you bunch of goddammed Martians’ as the lava rises and melts my legs to stumps lol.

I guess I just wish we were closer to science fiction exploration, FTL, Stasis etc to reach actual planets with similar atmospheres to ours. Mars is so last season now that Matt Damon’s already done it all. Next! :slight_smile:

I guess I was bound not to be a fan of space travel though thinking about it. I won’t even leave my house, never mind the atmosphere lol. I am definitely an inside cat.

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Well, look at it this way: with Mars being the way it is, your trip to/from and stay there would all be indoors anyway. Musk seems quite intent on having people go and stay though, much more so than just visit for the postcard. A bit of an odd fellow, but you have to admit he does put his money and time where his mouth is.


I guess in a way, I would be the perfect colonist. Never itching to go outside and going stir crazy like everyone else. I would be the annoying zen guy they sent to a solo remote outpost because nobody wants to see my chirpy face when they all depressed from staying in all the time lol. A master of social isolation could do worse than a mars colony :slight_smile:


So you probably all heard by now, but my favourite Royal Prince Philip just passed away. The only Royal with an ounce of wit, a literal one man gaffe machine. Often offensive, sometimes outright hilarious (though of course mostly by accident). Very dry sense of humour often delivering cutting remarks with a charming smile. I was going to link an article to his most famous gaffes and racist outbursts, but instead I am going to list them out for those opposed to links. Some of these are too good to miss out on. Described as many things over the years, none of those accuse him of being PC.

  1. “Ghastly.” Prince Philip’s opinion of Beijing, during a 1986 tour of China.

  2. “Ghastly.” Prince Philip’s opinion of Stoke-on-Trent, as offered to the city’s Labour MP Joan Walley at Buckingham Palace in 1997.

  3. “Deaf? If you’re near there, no wonder you are deaf.” Said to a group of deaf children standing near a Caribbean steel drum band in 2000.

  4. “If you stay here much longer, you will go home with slitty eyes.” To 21-year-old British student Simon Kerby during a visit to China in 1986.

  5. “You managed not to get eaten then?” To a British student who had trekked in Papua New Guinea, during an official visit in 1998.

  6. “You can’t have been here that long – you haven’t got a pot belly.” To a British tourist during a tour of Budapest in Hungary. 1993.

  7. “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?” Asked of a Scottish driving instructor in 1995.

  8. “Damn fool question!” To BBC journalist Caroline Wyatt at a banquet at the Elysée Palace after she asked Queen Elizabeth if she was enjoying her stay in Paris in 2006.

  9. “It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.” The Prince’s verdict of a fuse box during a tour of a Scottish factory in August 1999. He later clarified his comment: "I meant to say cowboys. “I just got my cowboys and Indians mixed up.”

  10. “People usually say that after a fire it is water damage that is the worst. We are still drying out Windsor Castle.” To survivors of the Lockerbie bombings in 1993.

  11. “We don’t come here for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves.” During a trip to Canada in 1976.

  12. “A few years ago, everybody was saying we must have more leisure, everyone’s working too much. Now that everybody’s got more leisure time they are complaining they are unemployed. People don’t seem to make up their minds what they want.” A man of the people shares insight into the recession that gripped Britain in 1981.

  13. “British women can’t cook.” Winning the hearts of the Scottish Women’s Institute in 1961.

  14. “It was part of the fortunes of war. We didn’t have counsellors rushing around every time somebody let off a gun, asking ‘Are you all right - are you sure you don’t have a ghastly problem?’ You just got on with it!” On the issue of stress counselling for servicemen in a TV documentary marking the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day in 1995.

  15. “What do you gargle with – pebbles?” To Tom Jones, after the Royal Variety Performance, 1969. He added the following day: “It is very difficult at all to see how it is possible to become immensely valuable by singing what I think are the most hideous songs.”

  16. “It’s a vast waste of space.” Philip entertained guests in 2000 at the reception of a new £18m British Embassy in Berlin, which the Queen had just opened.

  17. “There’s a lot of your family in tonight.” After glancing at business chief Atul Patel’s name badge during a 2009 Buckingham Palace reception for 400 influential British Indians to meet the Royal couple.

  18. “If it has four legs and it is not a chair, if it has got two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane and if it swims and it is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it.” Said to a World Wildlife Fund meeting in 1986.

  19. “You ARE a woman, aren’t you?” To a woman in Kenya in 1984, after accepting a gift.

  20. “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?” To a wheelchair-bound Susan Edwards, and her guide dog Natalie in 2002.

  21. “Get me a beer. I don’t care what kind it is, just get me a beer!” On being offered the finest Italian wines by PM Giuliano Amato at a dinner in Rome in 2000.

  22. “I would like to go to Russia very much – although the bastards murdered half my family.” In 1967, asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union.

  23. “If a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat, which he could do very easily, I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?” In a Radio 4 interview shortly after the Dunblane shootings in 1996. He said to the interviewer off-air afterwards: “That will really set the cat among the pigeons, won’t it?”

  24. “Oh, it’s you that owns that ghastly car is it? We often see it when driving to Windsor Castle.” To neighbour Elton John after hearing he had sold his Watford FC-themed Aston Martin in 2001.

  25. “The problem with London is the tourists. They cause the congestion. If we could just stop the tourism, we could stop the congestion.” At the opening of City Hall in 2002.

  26. “A pissometer?” The Prince sees the renames the piezometer water gauge demonstrated by Australian farmer Steve Filelti in 2000.

  27. “Don’t feed your rabbits pawpaw fruit – it acts as a contraceptive. Then again, it might not work on rabbits.” Giving advice to a Caribbean rabbit breeder in Anguilla in 1994.

  28. “You must be out of your minds.” To Solomon Islanders, on being told that their population growth was 5 per cent a year, in 1982.

  29. “Young people are the same as they always were. They are just as ignorant.” At the 50th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme.

  30. “Your country is one of the most notorious centres of trading in endangered species.” Accepting a conservation award in Thailand in 1991.

  31. “Aren’t most of you descended from pirates?” In the Cayman Islands, 1994.

  32. “You bl**dy silly fool!” To an elderly car park attendant who made the mistake of not recognising him at Cambridge University in 1997.

  33. “Oh! You are the people ruining the rivers and the environment.” To three young employees of a Scottish fish farm at Holyrood Palace in 1999.

  34. “If you travel as much as we do you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort – provided you don’t travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly.” To the Aircraft Research Association in 2002.

  35. “The French don’t know how to cook breakfast.” After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, smoked salmon, kedgeree, croissants and pain au chocolat – from Gallic chef Regis Crépy – in 2002.

  36. “And what exotic part of the world do you come from?” Asked in 1999 of Tory politician Lord Taylor of Warwick, whose parents are Jamaican. He replied: “Birmingham.”

  37. “Oh no, I might catch some ghastly disease.” On a visit to Australia in 1992, when asked if he wanted to stroke a koala bear.

  38. “It doesn’t look like much work goes on at this University.” Overheard at Bristol University’s engineering facility. It had been closed so that he and the Queen could officially open it in 2005.

  39. “I wish he’d turn the microphone off!” The Prince expresses his opinion of Elton John’s performance at the 73rd Royal Variety Show, 2001.

  40. “Do you still throw spears at each other?” Prince Philip shocks Aboriginal leader William Brin at the Aboriginal Cultural Park in Queensland, 2002.

  41. “Where’s the Southern Comfort?” On being presented with a hamper of southern goods by the American ambassador in London in 1999.

  42. “Were you here in the bad old days? … That’s why you can’t read and write then!” To parents during a visit to Fir Vale Comprehensive School in Sheffield, which had suffered poor academic reputation.

  43. “Ah you’re the one who wrote the letter. So you can write then? Ha, ha! Well done.” Meeting 14-year old George Barlow, whose invited to the Queen to visit Romford, Essex, in 2003.

  44. “So who’s on drugs here?.. HE looks as if he’s on drugs.” To a 14-year-old member of a Bangladeshi youth club in 2002.

  45. “You could do with losing a little bit of weight.” To hopeful astronaut, 13-year-old Andrew Adams.

  46. “You have mosquitoes. I have the Press.” To the matron of a hospital in the Caribbean in 1966.

  47. “The man who invented the red carpet needed his head examined.” While hosts made effort to greet a state visit to Brazil, 1968.

  48. “During the Blitz a lot of shops had their windows blown in and sometimes they put up notices saying, ‘More open than usual.’ I now declare this place more open than usual.” Unveiling a plaque at the University of Hertfordshire’s new Hatfield campus in November 2003.

49 . Philip: “Who are you?”

Simon Kelner: “I’m the editor-in-chief of The Independent, Sir.”

Philip: “What are you doing here?”

Kelner: “You invited me.”

Philip: “Well, you didn’t have to come!”

An exchange at a press reception to mark the Golden Jubilee in 2002.

  1. “No, I would probably end up spitting it out over everybody.” Prince Philip declines the offer of some fish from Rick Stein’s seafood deli in 2000.

  2. “Any bloody fool can lay a wreath at the thingamy.” Discussing his role in an interview with Jeremy Paxman.

  3. “Holidays are curious things, aren’t they? You send children to school to get them out of your hair. Then they come back and make life difficult for parents. That is why holidays are set so they are just about the limit of your endurance.” At the opening of a school in 2000.

  4. “People think there’s a rigid class system here, but dukes have even been known to marry chorus girls. Some have even married Americans.” In 2000.

  5. “Can you tell the difference between them?” On being told by President Obama that he’d had breakfast with the leaders of the UK, China and Russia.

  6. “I don’t know how they are going to integrate in places like Glasgow and Sheffield.” After meeting students from Brunei coming to Britain to study in 1998.

  7. “Do people trip over you?” Meeting a wheelchair-bound nursing-home resident in 2002.

  8. “That’s a nice tie… Do you have any knickers in that material?” Discussing the tartan designed for the Papal visit with then-Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie last year.

  9. “I have never been noticeably reticent about talking on subjects about which I know nothing.” Addressing a group of industrialists in 1961.

  10. “It’s not a very big one, but at least it’s dead and it took an awful lot of killing!” Speaking about a crocodile he shot in Gambia in 1957.

  11. “Well, you didn’t design your beard too well, did you? You really must try better with your beard.” To a young fashion designer at a Buckingham Palace in 2009.

  12. “So you’re responsible for the kind of crap Channel Four produces!” Speaking to then chairman of the channel, Michael Bishop, in 1962.

  13. “Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it, a science which I have practiced for a good many years.” Address to the General Dental Council, quoted in Time in 1960.

  14. “Tolerance is the one essential ingredient … You can take it from me that the Queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance.” Advice for a successful marriage in 1997.

  15. “I never see any home cooking – all I get is fancy stuff.” Commiserating about the standard of Buckingham Palace cuisine in 1962.

  16. “I suppose I would get in a lot of trouble if I were to melt them down.” On being shown Nottingham Forest FC’s trophy collection in 1999.

  17. “It makes you all look like Dracula’s daughters!” To pupils at Queen Anne’s School in Reading, who wear blood-red uniforms, in 1998.

  18. “I don’t think a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing.” Dismissing claims that those who sell slaughtered meat have greater moral authority than those who participate in blood sports, in 1988.

  19. “Ah, so this is feminist corner then.” Joining a group of female Labour MPs, who were wearing name badges reading “Ms”, at a Buckingham Palace drinks party in 2000.

  20. “Cats kill far more birds than men. Why don’t you have a slogan: ‘Kill a cat and save a bird?’” On being told of a project to protect turtle doves in Anguilla in 1965.

  21. “All money nowadays seems to be produced with a natural homing instinct for the Treasury.” Bemoaning the rate of British tax in 1963.

  22. “It is my invariable custom to say something flattering to begin with so that I shall be excused if by any chance I put my foot in it later on.” Full marks for honesty, from a speech in 1956.

  23. “Why don’t you go and live in a hostel to save cash?” Asked of a penniless student.

  24. “In education, if in nothing else, the Scotsman knows what is best for him. Indeed, only a Scotsman can really survive a Scottish education.” Said when he was made Chancellor of Edinburgh University in November 1953.

  25. “If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she isn’t interested.” Of his daughter, Princess Anne.

  26. “They’re not mating are they?” Spotting two robots bumping in to one another at the Science Museum in 2000.

  27. “I must be in the only person in Britain glad to see the back of that plane.” Philip did not approve of the noise Concorde made while flying over the Buckingham Palace.

  28. “The only active sport, which I follow, is polo – and most of the work’s done by the pony!” 1965

  29. “It looks like a tart’s bedroom.” On seeing plans for the Duke and then Duchess of York’s house at Sunninghill Park.

  30. “Reichskanzler.” Prince Philip used Hitler’s title to address German chancellor Helmut Kohl during a speech in Hanover in 1997.

  31. “We go into the red next year… I shall probably have to give up polo.” Comment on US television in 1969 about the Royal Family’s finances.

  32. “Bugger the table plan, give me my dinner!” Showing his impatience to be fed at a dinner party in 2004.

  33. “I thought it was against the law these days for a woman to solicit.” Said to a woman solicitor.

  34. “You’re just a silly little Whitehall twit: you don’t trust me and I don’t trust you.” Said to Sir Rennie Maudslay, Keeper of the Privy Purse, in the 1970s.

  35. “What about Tom Jones? He’s made a million and he’s a bloody awful singer.” Response to a comment at a small-business lunch about how difficult it is in Britain to get rich.

  36. “This could only happen in a technical college.” On getting stuck in a lift between two floors at the Heriot Watt University, 1958.

  37. “I’d much rather have stayed in the Navy, frankly.” When asked what he felt about his life in 1992.

  38. “It looks like the kind of thing my daughter would bring back from her school art lessons” On being shown “primitive” Ethiopian art in 1965.

  39. “You’re not wearing mink knickers, are you?” Philip charms fashion writer Serena French at a World Wildlife Fund gathering in 1993.

  40. “My son…er…owns them.” On being asked on a Canadian tour whether he knew the Scilly Isles.

  41. “Well, that’s more than you know about anything else then.” Speaking, a touch condescendingly, to Michael Buerk, after being told by the BBC newsreader that he did know about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Awards in 2004.

RIP Philip. I am guessing the Queen won’t last a year without him. 73 years together is some amount of time.

You can see why Harry and Meghan made a point of saying the racist comment did not come from Philip. It simply would not have been news.

3, 7, 9, 30, 46, 49, 56, 61, 62 as I am also a practitioner of this science. 63, 69 seems like an eerily similar precursor to my eat a cheeseburger save an elephant slogan, 70, 75, 83, 85, 89, are some of my faves. They also avoid most of his racist nonsense.


The world has lost the greatest anti-statesman of all time. Populist world leaders could certainly glean a great deal of wisdom and wit from the preceding.


Somehow amongst all the hundreds of Philip & Harry & Meg ‘news stories’ it appears a genuine article made it to my news feed somehow. Not a single comment on it as opposed to the hundreds on every one of those articles I mentioned earlier. The author of this piece of journalism is bound to get sacked for not being ■■■■■■■■ clickbait sigh.

Anyway this was interesting, I hope the author still has a job tomorrow :slight_smile:

EDIT Very cool. Makes you think we could be living on top of ancient civilizations. I would go start digging up my garden, but with my luck instead of finding a lost civilization, I would just find out my house used to belong to a serial killer instead.


Whose vengeful spirit will possess you after you exhumated their body? :confused:


As long as the spirits name is Vodka, I am game.