Random Talk Thread V: Fast Vive

I’ll be away for the next few days NOT raiding my relatives’ fridges.


None whatsoever, although there has never been that much communication from the Community Manager since JoeK left. Most of the focus does seem to be on Twitter etc., or one-way communication via dedicated web sites.

For actual fan information posting, that would leave the wikis (which are now heavily polluted with all kinds of junk, needless pop-out videos, etc -Fandom.com SUCKS), Reddit (not the best place for guides) and Discourse.


I’m remembering that time when i had to leave the forums due to not having internet for 2 or 3 years. People were genuinely worried about me when i vanished

No matter if i was gone for a week or 2 years or forever, i’d still like to think the people who enjoy this place could keep enjoying it.

So yeah even if i was completely tuned out of this place when it got shut down I’d still miss it.

Thankfully discord exists, but there’s a charm this place has always had that discord can’t replicate.

Anyways, happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates and to those who don’t, have a good day nonetheless.


Have a good one. Here’s an apropos story:

Could they actually be worse than Canada Geese? :thinking:


Actually, several years back I wrote a revisionist history of the first Thanksgiving, and this seems as good a time as any to necro that post.

Happy Thanksgiving all y’all wonderful wackadoos.:turkey:


As usual for the season:



Better watch your mouth, you gotta problem with canada gooses you gotta problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.


Happy turkey day folks, I missed saying it earlier, you’re right though.


"For my first evil aligned character, I rolled a Gnome warlock basically aping the Monarch from the Venture Brothers. His backstory was that he was a magical scholar who got so invested in his work that he ruined his relationship with his (Dr?) girlfriend, who found comfort in the arms of a rival, more powerful wizard, so he sold his soul to try to “even the gap” and allow him even better powers.

I say this just to say that I ended up wasting a goddamn warlock known spell on dream so that any time I started a short rest with a spare spell slot I could cast dream and screw with his head. It was always “really bad” nightmares, like the kind you actually get as people. My favorite was when I again ripped off the venture brothers and made him remember the time he was at the breakfast table as a kid and his dad’s bathrobe flapped open."

Are my DND stories too weird?


Just a guess on my part, but they probably work better after the consumption of quantities of vodka?

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Believe it or not one of the only games I usually end up playing totally sober is dnd - I usually have to travel for it and rarely have the chance to stay the night.

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So, non sequitur, but they’re developing another Marvel MMO and I’m… completely unenthused despite coming from one of the people behind City of Heroes. After Marvel Heroes I just don’t see anything else living up to it, or even coming close. I can’t believe that nothing at all has been done with the game, even with the internal trashfire that ended it.

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Mmos suck as bad as techs defense

But not as bad as uva.

@MickityMike glory in my minor sports victory, no ome else will.

Random question, but has anyone else trouble with uploading images? I had to upload through Discord and then just link to them on gaming section of these forums.

Which icon are you ising to load?

I drag and drop from my harddrive/thumbdrive.

The best way to upload is on the reply or post button that looks like a picture. Ive never tried drag and drop.

I’ll give it a try the next time I end up uploading something, thanks.

I drag/drop from desktop all the time, but doing a drag/drop or copy/paste direct from certain websites doesn’t work. I think it’s because the images are linked when you do that, and some sites don’t allow embedding or redirects.

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Driving my self a little bit nuts trying to find a song/band on youtube that I think may have been removed. It was a family or family friends band of a bunch of people playing traditional instruments and singing sad or uplifting songs, often with a video of a hike or something to go along with it. One water called something about water and another something about a feather or lucky feather. And I cannot seem to locate the things.

Edit: That took a while, but I finally recalled I found them through recommendations while listening to Modest Mouse on youtube. Turned out it was Cloud Cult.