Random Talk Thread V: Fast Vive

My dude, this is hilarious. I have some very, um…, interesting? Garfield images on this phone, and yes. There is a LOT to unpack when it comes to what we’ve done with the medium of Garfield.

I mean, Garfield is the perfect canvas for the expression of nihilistic glee that comes from destroying those things that once brought us what we believed to be joy.


On things that don’t give me any joy:

33 ° C in mid-june. For me, this is drastically above feelgood temperatures.



We had that yesterday, 90°F. Today the forecast high is 68°, because day to day 20° swings is the new "normal.":roll_eyes:


We’re still rocking April here. Still with the rain. Still with the constant cold wind. Still with sub-20o days.

Oddly reassuring though since it means we don’t have drought and heat dome.


I’d like to swap, if you don’t mind.

Tropical nights and desert-heat days just aren’t for me. By now the local authorities forbid taking water from the creeks, cause they’re running far too low for the season.

Tomorrow it’ll be even hotter followed by a forecasted 20 ° drop on monday.


I’m in between, still in a drought, but thankfully aside from the usual humidity issues we get here it hasn’t been that bad temperature wise. On the other hand, I haven’t seen any summer fruit so far. Beginning to wonder if it’s no longer worth it for even small farmers to sell locally.


Every time you look yourself in the mirror you’re having a staring contest with your reflection to decide which world is the real one, and you never really know who’s won.

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We had a spike to above 30°C Thurs/Fri, but it’s dropping back down to 20°C, then jumping for another day or so. It’s been really variable, but we’ve only had a handful of really hot and humid so far, and only a couple of nights were it never really cooled off. We’ve also had enough thunder showers that everything is still nice and green. I’m sure we’ll pay for it later, but so far it’s been a really nice start to the summer season.



The thing is for a lot of the time in the 90s, he got reasonably popular (at least in a cult way) for very dialog heavy gen-x lilted films - Clerks, Mallrats, etc. A lot of people have turned on him since then saying effectively “well he’s not a good filmmaker” which… sure? I think he’d say he’s definitely not skilled, a lot of his camera work is basically back and forth dialog exchanges with very few dynamic shots cause he never really went to film school or anything, he just maxed out a bunch of credit cards to make clerks to get started and then started to work.

He’s also had a lot of criticism about the film “chasing amy”, which honestly is mostly a product of its time and has a bunch of unfortunate homosexual tropes that get used (I should say here, nothing is homophobic in any way, but there’s a lot of old ideas in there that just don’t really float anymore. I won’t defend the entire movie but I do think at least some of the criticism is overblown. That being said it’s been forever since I’d seen it).

It was around the mid 2000’s that he also started doing talks at colleges about his time in the film industry which was very revealing to a lot of big players which did not earn him any brownie points in the business. Quite a few big stars/filmmakers had stores come out that they really didn’t want to come out, which poisoned a lot of ties there. (PS, look up his prince story if you want to cackle like a banshee. I still love to find it on youtube from time to time.)

Probably the most frequent thing people cite now in hating him though is his most recent work which a lot of people cite as proof that he’s a hack and was never good, yadda yadda. The range on these films is very different - some are very much passion projects like Zack and Miri, Tusk, and Yoga Hosers (the last of which is… real bad, but I like zack and miri despite all the ■■■■ it took), plus Red State and Clerks 2, and allegedly the upcoming Clerks 3.

For what it’s worth I really enjoyed Red State and thought it was a great weird, quirky film. The other weird “quasi horror” stuff he’s put out like Tusk and Yoga Hosers has very much missed me, but I still enjoy a lot of his work.

The TLDR is that there’s a lot of factors that have turned him from something of an indy darling into one of those filmmakers a lot of people on the internet like to use as a punching bag.


I wouldn’t normally bug y’all, but people are buying Kindle books on Amazon, reading them, then returning them for refunds. I’m all for sticking it to the Zon, but the end result is that Amazon hits the publisher/author for the refund, and authors end up owing Amazon money. Here’s a petition about this. Please sign to pressure them to change their return policy so that you can’t get a refund on a book you read all the way through.


I’ve heard of similar things with clothing - purchase an outfit, wear it once for a special event, return it. I can sort of understand that some families might not be able to afford to buy or rent something like a prom dress, although there are increasingly organizations that provide loaners free of charge.

But with books, there have always been libraries, and many have eBooks available for borrowing. If Amazon wants to be a library, fine - but they should find a way to finance that other than dinging authors for returns.


The bit that stings is you can’t get a refund on a digital film or music purchase, why should ebooks or audiobooks be treated any differently? At the very least they can tell if you read more than they’ll GIVE you as a sample if you sync your progress, and that could be a stipulation in their return policy. I know this happens with Audible, and I think they’ve adjusted their policy, but if you close a loophole on one side why would you leave it open on another?


Amazon being Amazon, I guess. I try and avoid doing business with them myself if at all possible.


So, finally found a Mexican dish that’s ok. Unfortunately still from the same restaurant (was asked there for sisters birthday), but while the shrimp was dry and rubbery I do at least like the idea of camarones monterrey.


got an email late last night from the Sony online store letting me know that if I click the link tomorrow morning between 9:30 and 11am they will have some stock of the ps5 on a first come first served basis. So I think about it overnight and log on dutifully this morning to join what I imagined would be an endless online queue considering there is still no stock anywhere in the UK of either the PS5 or the new xbox when I joined it said current wait time more than an hour and thought I had little to no chance of picking up the machine that comes bundled with the new Horizon zero dawn game. I waited anyway and a few minutes later the over an hour estimate jumped to a 7 minute wait instead so there might be hope after all. I waited the 7 minutes sort of patiently then got access to the site and proceded to throw a Ps5 Horizon bundle an extra controller and a 3d headphones set into my basket and checkout at supermarket sweep style speed. now hopefully it should arrive Weds or Thursday. Now just need some stock of the new xbox to appear and will grab that too. After having my heart attack I figured I might not be here for the next generation so might as well buy both of this generations and enjoy them while I can.


It suddenly occurs to me that I hadn’t done a “Dad Update” here in a while, and you guys had to listen to all the bad stuff, so you especially deserve the good stuff.

The tldr is definitely “incremental gains that add up to a lot”. He still had issues with fluid on his legs there for a while and they were still swelling, so his doctor put him back on fluid pills and now they still hurt… but they are visibly doing a lot better. This goes hand in hand with his PT treatments which he has been giving hell and making loads of progress. He’s basically only using his walker during the early part of the day when I think he’s at his most tired. That goes for inside the house stuff only - his PT people have him using the walker to move up and down our (dirt road) driveway which is good to see, and he’s been using the wheelchair almost never (although they still pack it up for trips and whatnot).

As for mental state, it kind of depends on the day. I think he’s still frustrated he’s not doing all the things beforehand but has started to appreciate how far he has come. I showed up this weekend and the sumbitch was on his riding mower and did the entire yard in the morning (admittedly, me and mom were on pins and needles the whole time but if you don’t let him try what’s the ■■■■■■■ point?). He also has a bit of pain, but the doc has cut off his supply of “good pills”, which honestly I think has helped him a lot. His mind seems to be a bit clearer and I’m honestly curious how much of his ‘residual fog’ we couldn’t figure out since his blood gas has been good was due to that.

Unfortunately that last bit is compounded by the fact that he hasn’t had his IV based arthritis treatment since all this started which I think puts him in a lot more pain than he was in, but I also don’t think anyone is super geeked to get him started on something like that at this point either (including him).

Everything has been looking in a good direction and getting better for the past month. Considering how supportive you guys are I figured I’d drop you a line.


Truly the tale of our generation.


I feel like I slipped out of a Jell-O blob onto a drying rack made of al dente linguine.


Steam summer sale started yesterday for those interested, not that they’re admittedly very good anymore.