Random Talk Thread V: Fast Vive

Wonderlands also dropped on steam yesterday for any of you holdouts.


I am one of the holdouts and after this period of waiting, I sure have the time to wait for it on sale.

Got Borderlands 1 and 2 each for 10 or 15 bucks as GOTY editions and BL 2 was the best buy I ever made on a money/ hours spent playing scale.

For BL 3 I paid more than the sum of the other ones and played only a fraction of their hours before basically returning to BL 2.

So a bit more holding out is what I’ll do.


I mean you do you, but the base game is already chilling at like 47 bucks on steam as a “launch price”. A lot of people will tell you to skip the DLC on this one too, or at least the first season pass.


Opens with 20% off. Not surprising I guess — a little irritating that it doesn’t tell you what your extra $20 gets you for the CG Edition. Not that I’m incapable of searching, but lazy.

And skip all DLCs including Season Pass? I stopped looking at the TTW threads.

Edit : never mind all the above : CG contains SP which obv contains the 3 existing DLCs plus another incoming. $80 CDN.


Yet still full price on XBox when I checked the other day (complete with the $CDN markup). Still a hard “no” here.

Completely unrelated:

Two things:

  1. What on earth was this guy doing taking that amount of personal data home in the first place?
  2. Now that the contents of the encrypted drive are known, efforts to hack the password will doubtless increase significantly

Seems like leaving top secret confidential files on trains and buses is a problem. I recall one in London and I think it happened again somewhere else more recently.

I doubt this affects anyone directly here but if anyone who’s not from EU is going to EU, minor changes


I am not against Steam summer sale, but I have already at least 15 games in my backlog waiting from past sales.

I probably could buy games at full price and don’t pile games just because of FOMO and spend less in total, but oh well. Lesson learned.


Depends how big your completion boner is. The season pass content is basically a series of very small dungeons with time gated difficulties. Each time you complete one it unlocks enemies and rooms for the chaos chamber proper, and also additional loot. Like there’s no big overarching story and the dungeon stays the same on each difficulty, the bosses just get harder with more steps.

I don’t flat hate it like most people do but I do think they overcharged for it at launch, and it does not meet any other DLC package GBX has ever put out.

Edit: I paid pre-orde price for it and im still not pissy because of just how big the base game is as well, and at least like a lot of the add on loot. I should also say that you’re going to want whichever DLC is the “shark” one if you’re going into a frost/electric build because it has a lot of gear that is really great for those.


As far as I understand, it’s basically ESTA for a third of the price and valid for a year longer :man_shrugging:

I didn’t go overboard with buying games, but a few interesting ones were available at a reasonable price.

Thus my backlog grew…


I just despise how overpriced Steam sales have become the last half decade-ish. I may pick something up (Satisfactory is discounted to its lowest price to date apparently), but eh.


I don’t know if it’s on the steam sale, but on PSN I grabbed Golf Club Wasteland discounted. A blasted and ruined Earth as a mini golf course with beautiful art and a Reservoir Dogs-esque radio broadcast soundtrack. I highly recommend it.


Goddam there are some good deals. So many games I’d gladly spend the money on now (Risk of Rain 2, Outer Worlds, FO4, Witcher 3, Death Stranding) — if only I had the time to play even one of them.

Back to my half hour of BL2.


It’s the only member of Verizon’s team I don’t hate’s last shift at work tonight. Pretty neat though, she’s been into making chainmail and fashion stuff for a while and has saved up to take a year off to see if she can do it full time, and at the young age of 49. Love seeing someone chase ■■■■ down.


That is quite the combination - stylish, yet protective!


Full disclosure, once before I had randomly facebooked her and had known about the hobby. Her main sale seems to be for fantasy themed burlesque shows?

Which only makes me want to root for her more.


Old school Arsonist rant incoming. It’s been a minute since I dropped a solid drunk rant in here. I hope everyone enjoys. This one starts with a simple ■■■■■■■ question-

Why the everloving ■■■■ does everone in the gaming world have such an undying hard on for steam and steam alone?

Like I’ll go ahead and be the first to tell you that Epic is not perfect. I got started on BL3 because of the exclusivity deal, and have been in it for a long time, and there are still some issues. The biggest one I’ll go off about is just straight up - they don’t have a ■■■■■■■ multi option cart in 2022.

Like that’s dumb, right? How could you possibly do that? It’s weird, and stupid, and I still dont get it.

At the same ■■■■■■■ time, people keep screaming at the top of their lungs about how steam “cares about the consumer” and talk about the other “other major features” that they have. Like steam sales! And steam points! And achievements!

As pointed out by others… steam sales havent been the same for many years, and console teams tend to sync up to provide the same or better, as does epic and gog.

Steam poins are actually what started this rant because I found the linked thread after googling “are these ■■■■■■■ useless” and the answer that I find in that thread is effectively… over and over again 'YES. AND YOU SHOULD LIKE IT. HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR MORE."

I won’t say that achievements aren’t a stable of modern gaming, but at this point we’re talking about more fake internet poins on an internet based on fake internet points? So sure, whatever. I’ll stack that up against the several hundred dollars I’ve hit in free games… that are there every week… up against achievements any day of the week.

Past that, they have a friends list and I can invite people to play games.

I don’t know what else I’m supposed to ask of a game client.

I’d apologize for the rant but I’m still pissed off about it and angry and rar.


Answer #1 : people are morons easily duped into product loyalty. For example, I tend to buy Samsung products…just because I always have…

Answer #2 : inertia. How many of us have had Steam accounts for 10+ years and have come to rely and appreciate the cloud convenience. Then Epic comes out, people scream bloody murder at their out-of-the-gate policies and Steam users (like me) say ■■■■ that, I can wait til it’s on Steam (see answer #1)


Well fine if you’re so smart tell me who to run in Civ 6 when I’m this wasted.


Friend list is a pretty good feature that I use to invite friends. Sure, it is basic, but very convenient.

Some games have workshop feature. It can keep a game alive on its own. I’ve been playing and modding Ravenfield for past 6 years. Not every day, sure, but I have over 358 hours in playtime (Jesus Christ!) and around the same in its modding. XCom reboots have huge modding scene, CSGO too. Workshop has decent feature list, great servers, and is easily accessible. Huge pro from my point of view.

Forums. Sure they can be a cesspool, but some games have audiences that can sustain interesting and useful discussions most of the time (sure, not to the point of this forum, duh, but good enough).

Guides. Mostly not very in-depth, but good enough for a base knowledge of a game.

Reviews. I always read negative reviews for games I consider purchasing. There are way more no bullsh×t and useful information than in positive ones. There are useful info too, but a bit more sparse.

Everything in one place. You can’t deny convenience. Sure, for elite hardcore to da bone gamers (trademark pending) this is not enough, but for casual playerbase it is pretty sweet deal in my opinion.


I can’t answer for anyone but me, obviously, but I don’t want too many useless launchers on my hard drive. Steam came first, which basically was their great plus. I live with Origin for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Dead Space. That’s it. I neither want nor need any more of those.

On games:

On that, I am no friend of bananaware, meaning games that ripen on the user’s computer. The wait doesn’t really bother me and I hail from a time where games hit the market as a finished product. I don’t care for endless patches, hotfixes and gigabytes I have to download (after starting to play, mind you). That’s quite an annoyance for me.

Early Access is excluded from the paragraph above, obviously. If someone tells me: Listen up, you get this one for cheap, but it isn’t finished yet and if bad luck hits, it never will be then I consider it fair. I know the risk when I buy it and if the game is interesting enough, I may take that risk.

One of the reasons I tend to go for GOTY editions is that most of the time the worst bugs are already fixed when I buy it. So waiting through a 6 month Epic-exclusive time is nothing that shock me. I don’t mind getting a game that is through its teething problems.

Now, back to the original question, if a game client comes around that is far better than Steam, it may very probably convice me to switch, but as of now, Epic isn’t that client :man_shrugging: