Random Talk Thread V: Fast Vive

Every other Steam review for TTW :


Honestly, I’ll say this in advance - I’m a hypocrite, given I do in fact use the epic games launcher, but my main issue with them is simply being flat out pissed at their exclusive trash. And I say that as a long time… well, not fan, but I’ve tended to historically think exclusives tended to be a better idea than the alternative (which is often badly ported games that release on multiple consoles, but are only really designed for one). Epic managed to infuriate me by bringing the idea away from a hardware based concern to maximize game quality, into a simple attack on the consumer.

Frankly, the features don’t even really have much to do with my opinion - I’m an MMO player, I’ve used so many launchers with so few features that I just shrug at dumping another on my PC. It’s Epic’s behavior.


Something I’ve never bought into, to my detriment. I had Uplay because I bought a game on Steam that required it, so grit my teeth and learned to look out for such things in the future. Origin’s existence really pissed me off since it shut me out of playing games I’ve had for years and just never got over myself to make an account.

Wasn’t there some crazy launcher controversy 3 or so years ago? Blizzard maybe?


Could’ve been? Blizzard did merge launchers with Bungie around then from recollection. Not sure though.

Regardless, we’re having our first hot day of the year here. Thankfully humidity is about as low as I’ve ever seen it here (46%). This is a relief since it’s ■■■■■■■ 94 Fahrenheit. Still hot enough for discomfort in a century old house with no air conditioning though.


It’s a cooker today too - as of yesterday we went from March to July.

On the ferry to Vancouver to see the family, perhaps (probably) the last time we’ll all be in one spot.

Ma’s settled in nicely in her long term care facility so the siblings have been prepping her house for sale, now sold, closes July 7th. So we (my sisters, brother, mom, niece and me) are having a house wrecking party (otherwise known as lunch).

My brother, who’s been taking care of the house, is moving away from Vancouver to god knows where. He has a temporary spot on Van Island but he’s reluctant to divulge plans after “temporary” expires.

Speaking of reluctant to divulge : oldest sister (Mom 2.0 if you recall) is POA and has been managing finances alone for the last months. She won’t tell any of us what mom’s net worth is which is more irritating than concerning.

The proceeds of the house are of critical importance to my brother, less so to us other three (can you say that in English?). Still, it would be great to know what we need to hold in abeyance to keep mom going and how much of her funds should be divested (meaning pre-inheritance) to avoid future probate.

I can put 15% per annum against my mortgage but can’t do this til next year so I’m in no rush for any relief money, my sisters are well off, but my bro certainly needs some help.

All of this we won’t be talking about tomorrow.

Aside : my sister was over the other week and we had a truly great visit. She brought over her laptop with all the family heritage on it. I was stunned at the work she put in.

She found an A___ book at a library in Chicago(!) that had never been checked out before. It was all in Norwegian (actually Danish) and had been commissioned by the A___ family in Bergen in the 1920’s.
She traced all the A___ line back to south Jutland, DK in the early 1500’s. Plus all the other Hansa linked families from DK, NO, DE, NL and FR.

Also had the other three grandparents traced which was more difficult. Norway’s done a ton of work to collect and digitize records. Other countries less so. Besides, most of the A___s were blue bloods, merchants and priests whereas the UK half were all labourers.

Pic of Mt Baker from the ferry


My dad sent me this cool picture of wrens nest at his house. I don’t know what it is about it, but it looks so perfectly constructed and almost like a work of art with how each branch is carefully placed. That tiny bird built this bunker of sticks. I dunno I just thought it was super cool!

Unrelated I just liked this picture if a crow I got yesterday. Love birbs.


When you pass gas at a perfume sample counter: a total eclipse of the fart.


Very punny.


They cheated on their ethics exam. Is this ironic, or just stupid?


They apparently weren’t content with that level of irony.

Along with paying the $100 million fine, Ernst & Young has to audit itself and report the findings to the SEC, including an assessment of its ethics and integrity training.


I’ve been playing BL2 again recently and, as one does, have been pretty diligent about blowing up barrels and fuel tanks. I mentioned a couple years ago about how excessive gaming tends to bleed into life ; well I’m on the bus going past a gas station which has a big fuel tank (for propane maybe) and my first reaction is to give it a shotgun blast.


This might belong in the confessions thread but I’ve found over the last two years I can’t really play BL2 anymore…

This isn’t me screaming from the mountaintops that BL3/Wonderlands are better (although wonderlands might be) but every time I try to start BL2 again, I run into one of three options.

  1. I decide to play a new character before remembering I have at least a level 20 of every character, then spend an hour in Sanctuary farming weapons over to get SDU’s, only to play for another 5 hours and then hit the sloggy section starting after sanctuary lifts off, start a DLC, and then forget to play again.
  2. I try to play one of my +50 characters with legendaries and forget how much I hate UVHM and quit after an hour.
  3. I try to play Maya (my main and only 72 who only reached OP10 with a lot of help) and forget how much OP levels are so much worse than UVHM.

I still love the game and have put over 1k hours into it.

… I just think I’m done with it lol.

On actual topic, choose either of the two which still counts.

  • I still have the occasional dream where I have the Diablo 2 health and mana orbs at the bottom of it.

  • There is a ■■■■■■■ DLC “side quest” any time you start a mirror in wonderlands that makes you find every barrell in a level and shoot it and I could skip it easily but my brain wont let me and I hate my brain.


I couldn’t for two years either ; but I’ve got upwards of 4K hours, and perhaps because it was so all-consuming for so many years it’s become DNA.


The main way I stacked up a lot of hours was a lot of play throughs and playing at the time when the dlc was coming out at 50 before UVHM, plus alts and honestly the big deal was that at the time of my “Peak”…?

I was in a house with zero internet but “raid locks” were on for people with internet.

I’d legit drive to mcdonalds to download patches because of the situation we were in and had no communication with the outside except coming home and just grinding ■■■■ out with ole pete. My steam profile to this day says “700 hours” but I was clocking minimum 5 hours a day because that was the only way to pass my work week and steam sure as ■■■■ wasn’t talking to any servers during that time.

I still maintain that BL2 is only balanced at level 50, but whatever. So it goes.

Still a great game, but goddamn, I can’t bring myself back to it.


I still think GBX should have made it so that you never earn XP beyond the level cap in any given mode. Want to go above 50? Play UVHM. Happy with level 50 scaling? Stay in TVHM and never pass 50. THAT was the way to do it, not this slowly diminishing returns XP creep if you have UVHM installed whether you want it or not.


Well they did that with chaos and whatever chaos was in BL3 and people are still weird about it.

I’ve found myself increasingly less entertained by games wherein I use guns to achieve a goal. A little gunplay is fine, but even a little gets to be too much pretty quickly. I suppose I just need some time away, though it’s already been a fairly long time since I was able to get into shooting. I pushed through the majority of Uncharted the first’s cover shooting to get to the crazy climbing, but I can’t bring myself to kill the waves of Nazi zombies I know are in the penultimate maps.


See I was never into shooting before BORDERLANDS CAUSE DIABLO ■■■■■■ ME :stuck_out_tongue:

Murder is still very high on my agenda.


My pattern for stealth games (Splinter Cell, DX, Dishonoured 1/2, Styx) :

  • first half : total stealth. No contact. Perfect stealth scores per map.
  • third quarter : stealth take-downs, hide bodies. Perfect stealth scores per map.
  • fourth quarter : KILL EM ALL!!!

On the other hand, I can never bring myself to select the ■■■■■■■ dialogue in games like Mass Effect. I feel bad saying nasty things to imaginary people. But murder? Ya, no problem.


Canadian Politeness For The Win!

Though even while being distinctly un-Canadian, my methods in Dishonoured are actually similar.