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To the best of my knowledge that is the first time I have seen a parakeet run…

I thought it just looked goofy :stuck_out_tongue:

Its so bloody hot here, my sweat is sweating

“Tonight’s season premiere of Justified is sponsered by Audi. Challenge all givens.” - Subtle FX. Subtle.

That will more than suffice.

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Welp, Justified is off to an intriguing start this season. Gonna miss Dewey.

Heyoo! Wonder if the character limit is still there.

[quote=“joekgbx, post:1412, topic:449, full:true”]
Guys, could we please derail the thread little and get back off-topic?

Sorry, I had to. XD
[/quote]Encouraging derailing of a thread is disruptive as well as not on topic and as such against the forum rules
(not really reported, just a bit bored filing online stuff so I’m taking a small break and having some harmless friendly fun/poking and prodding here)

[quote=“Astrobleme, post:1422, topic:449, full:true”]
Heyoo! Wonder if the character limit is still there.
[/quote]What character limit? There was/is a max you can type in a single post? (I know names and other “personal” stuff have character limits but was not aware posts themselves had/have a limit)

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I think Skyline’s BLWF OP was nearing the limit at one point. He had to find (or just said he was thinking about finding) a new image hosting site with shorter URLs. It was a wicked high character limit though, considering PH’s old rage thread had a super long OP and I don’t think he ever hit the limit. He split it up into three posts on here though, so maybe there is…

Reported for reporting.


Flag deferred! #corruption

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Wait he did!?! ~finds thread to confirm splitting up the OP into 3 post~ Hmm… that he did so it is possible that there is a limit and it could be much lower than before.

Virus Detected! Purging memory buffers…

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Had a walk through the B’lands.


Blergh, and my country is as flat as a pancake. Stunning view if you ask me.

Don’t have much like the Borderlands in terrain near here, the closest would be the High Desert over in eastern Oregon, which is hundreds of miles away, and still isn’t what the average person would think of as a desert, due to still being covered in vegetation.

It’s the Atacama Desert. Here it rains once every year if you’re lucky.

That vegetations is because there are some rivers that come from Andean Mountains and end in the Salt Flats. Plus, we have a tripoint near here, Arg-Chile-Bolivia, no cops in there. That’s why I nicknamed this place as the B’lands hahaha

Yeah, I’m in an area with basically the opposite environment here, it takes hundreds of miles of driving just to get out of the trees, and close to the same amount to get to flat land.

A lot of Australia looks pretty Borderlandsy


I live in a place that looks the complete opposite of this. Gotta say I love the scenery. Im bored of all the trees and hills and mountains. Ill take that for a while!

the you must use 10 characters before you can post limit

Oh, that limit.
I think it’s to help curb “THIS!” or “+1” type posts (really short and not all that beneficial to the chat, or at least doesn’t help continue it in a meaningful way)

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I don’t actually live there, I live near mountains and tress and such.

But if you drive for a couple hours west it starts getting like that.

A lot of the landscape near my house is cool though, since it was completely destroyed in gold rush era so now trees have grown where big holes and piles of dirt were, it looks like a epic mountains but only a few metres tall/wide.

And paradise falls from Up is totally the Blue Mountains.