Random Talk Thread

I’m very, very sorry ;-;

Here, have an imp: :smiling_imp:

Godbless u x

Also, I broke my like limit… :blush:

u wot
u r ded 2 me

Like replacement: :heart:

@itsTwister replied to wrong person, rip

ignore the 9gag tag, google images pls

Ah glob dammit I’m making a battle net account so I have a slim chance to play Overwatch, you win this time Blizzard!

rest in spaghetti never forgetti


Goodluck with playing OverWord

Though if you get in and I don’t… I swear to D A N G!!

Then you will know my pain from seeing my friend getting in with both his accounts and not giving me a code…

Now to keep the fact that I have a battle net account away from Cent or he will force me to play HOTS with him…

Call the police on him, I heard it’s a c r i m e not to share Overwatch codes.

He shared it… but not with me

Call the Canadian mounty police then. They’ll sort him out

Canada… why Canada?

Me- why couldn’t I get the code instead of your childhood friend?
Him- ween are you paying me back for the coffee I bought you?
Me- oh look at the time…

Why not Canada?

Because I live in Sweden?
Our mooses are mutch better then those Canadian mooses.

What if I told you, Canada IS Sweden?!?!?!

Except there’s no nice people in sweden… we say ■■■■ you instead of sorry
Might be a bit overexerted but who cares.

New avatar…