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Evolve forums m80, nice to meet you!


My profile over there.
I’m surprised regulars here only have 3k posts. ^.-
What’s the requirement for these forums?

Mordecai is love, Mordecai is life

I don’t think they give out regulars here?

So, granted, not earned? Kitty_Jo holds the title. Wondering how it works over here.

This is all I know

The regular title has been made unobtainable here, save for a couple moderators and admins who have it, including myself.

It was decided that the permissions granted with said trust level just isnt something we want just anybody to have here.

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So you have basic and member here? Then the rest are granted?

So how did y’all wind up here? Evolve seems like a good game that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Is it still active? And post count is pretty irrelevant nowadays. I think I had about 5.5k back in the day, but this is a new account.

It’s a lot of fun, but the forums are still trying to hash out some major balance issues

I have 15.3k on the other forums. ^.^
And what Btub said.
Game’s got a high skill ceiling, and it’s not exactly new player friendly. It’s got a small playerbase, but people still play.

Playercount got real low at one point, but I think it’s actually on the rise

They continue to push out free as well as new content, and given how cheap Evolve gets during sales, I’d say its worth it ^.

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Basic and member only. We never discussed granting members regular. Quite literally, its just not a thing here.

You can get those permissions that come with regular (and more) if you are given moderator status.

I know, which was why I deleted it

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interesting, sounds fair enough

Moderator/leader are the granted titles on the other forums. Regular remains for regular members and the like.
Leader is for the very active regular’s, and the moderators/developers decide upon them. Community activity and dev’/mod’s decide upon new moderators.

And how does one go about obtaining moderator status? :wink:

Welcome back, new/old peoples! Glad to have you back! :smile:


Someone mentioned post count? I broke 30,000 on the old GBX forum before the move.

But whos counting :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine it’s not a likely occurrence to be obtained over here if they don’t even have regulars.