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You have fluffy spies everywhere…


You should misunderstand B0re :^) and make a video mocking people that correct you on the subject.

also hi guys im back I think I have a lifeguard job at a summer camp WOOOO

@arsonist has been super drunk lately. Also sorry man, I’ve been working a ■■■■ ton which is why I didn’t respond much.

I would never do that to you kitty. I would never last a second, against you, Krewl already posted a picture of my house.

I really want to play FF7 ;…; and I have so many games that I have a backlog of as well.

dawkins is an ■■■■■■■. Pretentious as ■■■■

also here



this second one is great.

2 days of not posting isn’t too bad IMO.
Maybe when it’s been a month or two then I’ll start worrying.

Join the [/spoiler][color=zebra]Cult of Ted[/color][spoiler] we have awesome anti-zombie weapons and stuff!

[quote=“jianderson, post:8396, topic:449”]
[/quote]Dammit why’d you have to remind me I haven’t played it in awhile!?! :angry:
Now I’m torn between playing GalCiv3 (beta), BL the Original and FF7.
Flips a coin.

oh bby

I want to run an emulator but I also want to get the real steam version because saves and stuff ;…; ugh

and no I was more giving Ars that heads up, he ended up messaging me on Steam with little response on my end :confused:

You mentioned FF7, that in itself reminded me. I didn’t mean to imply that you were specifically reminding me.
BTW, the result of the coin toss was it landing on it’s side so that means Borderlands the Original for a few days.

with class over I’ve been MW3 binging because hell yeah. My fingers are so bad right now at it. I miss my ability on xbox to pop off headshots like crazy, but that was also with aim assist kicking in, this is a jerry rigged controller set up because I can’t aim for ■■■■ with a mouse.

but I do just well with a half hour in usually

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Uh, Japanese people are weird!

Bronies are manliest thing since pink!

I laughed when that Anime dude with the slick glasses blew up!

Hey whats yer stance on a sudden change of avatars?

I identify people by their pictures. When someone changes their picture i sometime think someone new joins the forums.

Well, a tongue and horse is there.

Good enough?


I change the code to insert a “dislike” button.

Not really, if you want to change avi’s sure I guess.

Just gonna say that I hate wiki trolls.
Sucks even more when they post multiple edits that are the same thing to try and hide the real stuff.
This isn’t to say it’s difficult fixing it just a bother.

dat infinity wiki article :^)

I just looked at it, I couldnt see anything majoryly wrong.

It says Gunzerkers cant proc Moneyshot off it, but I’ve personally done it (although its glitchy and doesnt offer much of a bonus)


New gif because old one stopped working…

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