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@P_Anarchist I’ve been avoiding the TPS boards until I finished my first PT, but since those two are nearly all of the news I check out about it. I probably am just letting it get to me.

@Pandamonium72 Ooh, now I’m curious. (when I originally tried to post, you hadn’t replied at tha point)

@Mr_Sandman Well, the BL2 system did a lot that pissed me off(especially at high levels), but yeah, I’m about to check out the big ado about the Holodome. Other than that Holodome and the parts of the game(being based off of the BL2 system) that should be there, if feels like there more. I dunno, I better go get my tinfoil hat. About that… remaster collection ordeal. I’m trying to keep out the things GBX is doing, and just focus on the game itself.

I dunno why, but I have a feeling(or a hope) that a patch down the road will assign legendaries that are unassigned, bosses will respawn in the same PT, and that final story DLC… I’m looking forward to that. To me, TPS just seemed like it was released partially unfinished or missing some vital elements, but otherwise I think it’s great.

Almost done with this TPS talk, just wanna get some things that were on my mind down.
Thought it was really cool how you played the bad guys. Played as Nisha, and my god.
[this is the third time I’ve tried to submit this little sentence-that-won’t, and now I’m done. I’ll see you guys later, I’m off to fix my internet]

Oh, we’re doing TPS talk.

Ok, well I’ve said most of this before, but I’ll just rehash my experiences with it. What the game has going for it are some of the most well designed character skill trees that I think the franchise has ever seen. There are a lot of “Do x get y” type skills which I think is important rather than flat “you do more damage” type abilities, as it gets you more involved in the gameplay. The game is also very well tuned at 50 (although I havent touched it since uvhm) to feel like the player is powerful, but not unkillable. All that plays into the zero gravity mechanic which is honestly as smooth as one could expect and it all comes together in what I consider the best gameplay of the series.

That being said…

There is nothing tying me to the game at this point. The story was good, but flat, and puts too much of a halo on jack I think. I get that it’s supposed to be a “fall from grace”, but the writing team at GBX hit it out of the park with jack in BL2 and since then I think they’ve been stagnated a little bit, as every piece of BL themed gaming has rotated around him in some way. He’s a great character, but we didn’t fall in love with him because he was a goodie turned bad or a guy who “went too far” - we fell in love with him because he’s a complete and total dickhole, albiet a very charismatic dickhole. Even with the switched up commentaries in the TVHM standpoint there’s not a lot of replayability in the storyline because I really didn’t feel as immersed as I did in BL2 at any point. The story quit helping the game and started to become “that thing in between shooting people to death with laser sand tethering myself to people with raw lightening”.

It’d take a pretty major DLC to peel me away from marvel heroes at the moment.

Edit: I meant to mention the non-farmable bosses somewhere in the last paragraph, but thats a big point too. BL2’s loot system, all criticism aside, gave me a reason to go out to random places like the starting artic wastes and the dust again. While “kill iro, make stuff” is simpler, it leads to a less satisfying experience.


BL: TPS = better playthrough, more fun skilltrees, better scalling, rubber ducks.
BL2 = and actual reason to keep playing, respawnable bosses, fun raids.
BL1 = I dont like BL1, its boring.

Guys, could we please derail the thread little and get back off-topic?

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Ars covered most of what I’d have to say about TPS to be honest, albeit I’m likely to play it more in the future due to the game play (which I feel actually increases replayability regardless of the story). I will however take a moment to also note the frequency of locked parts on weapons, along with the general decrease in variety. It’s actually a step down from BL2’s variety. Admittedly not as large of a difference as from BL1 to BL2, but still a significant alteration, and one that stands out even more due to the Grinder. This is actually something I covered in BL2 as well, however in that case the rate of acquisition covered up how comparatively quick perfect parts was. I actually farmed a set of perfect gear before quitting, which is unnerving giving I only put 259 hours into it, most of which were spent leveling characters.

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There, you get my like.

Mostly so we don’t have to go into the whole randomization argument again and de(re? wait. This would be like a rail loop that would never end). So to countermand that-

Insert argument for completely random affixes with mage pun.

As to @joekgbx 's requested redererailing…

Um… I’m actually at a loss. My topics right now are marvel heroes, patriots football, and the possibility of us drafting Doctor Strange as qb.

Anyone have anything else right now?

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BL1 is a huge loveletter to Mad Max, and it’s totally a good thing.
BL2 has my favorite campaign DLC’s (Scarlet and Torgue’s Campaign) and some of the best playable characters in the series.
BLTPS! Has really interesting maps and enviroments, plus a story that feels alot darker and better written than 2. That and being able to play as Athena.

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Running parakeets are adorable.


To the best of my knowledge that is the first time I have seen a parakeet run…

I thought it just looked goofy :stuck_out_tongue:

Its so bloody hot here, my sweat is sweating

“Tonight’s season premiere of Justified is sponsered by Audi. Challenge all givens.” - Subtle FX. Subtle.

That will more than suffice.

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Welp, Justified is off to an intriguing start this season. Gonna miss Dewey.

Heyoo! Wonder if the character limit is still there.

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Guys, could we please derail the thread little and get back off-topic?

Sorry, I had to. XD
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Heyoo! Wonder if the character limit is still there.
[/quote]What character limit? There was/is a max you can type in a single post? (I know names and other “personal” stuff have character limits but was not aware posts themselves had/have a limit)

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I think Skyline’s BLWF OP was nearing the limit at one point. He had to find (or just said he was thinking about finding) a new image hosting site with shorter URLs. It was a wicked high character limit though, considering PH’s old rage thread had a super long OP and I don’t think he ever hit the limit. He split it up into three posts on here though, so maybe there is…

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Wait he did!?! ~finds thread to confirm splitting up the OP into 3 post~ Hmm… that he did so it is possible that there is a limit and it could be much lower than before.

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Had a walk through the B’lands.