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Blergh, and my country is as flat as a pancake. Stunning view if you ask me.

Don’t have much like the Borderlands in terrain near here, the closest would be the High Desert over in eastern Oregon, which is hundreds of miles away, and still isn’t what the average person would think of as a desert, due to still being covered in vegetation.

It’s the Atacama Desert. Here it rains once every year if you’re lucky.

That vegetations is because there are some rivers that come from Andean Mountains and end in the Salt Flats. Plus, we have a tripoint near here, Arg-Chile-Bolivia, no cops in there. That’s why I nicknamed this place as the B’lands hahaha

Yeah, I’m in an area with basically the opposite environment here, it takes hundreds of miles of driving just to get out of the trees, and close to the same amount to get to flat land.

A lot of Australia looks pretty Borderlandsy


I live in a place that looks the complete opposite of this. Gotta say I love the scenery. Im bored of all the trees and hills and mountains. Ill take that for a while!

the you must use 10 characters before you can post limit

Oh, that limit.
I think it’s to help curb “THIS!” or “+1” type posts (really short and not all that beneficial to the chat, or at least doesn’t help continue it in a meaningful way)

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I don’t actually live there, I live near mountains and tress and such.

But if you drive for a couple hours west it starts getting like that.

A lot of the landscape near my house is cool though, since it was completely destroyed in gold rush era so now trees have grown where big holes and piles of dirt were, it looks like a epic mountains but only a few metres tall/wide.

And paradise falls from Up is totally the Blue Mountains.

This post doesn’t contribute in a meaningful way. That is oddly more entertaining to type out than “This!” Perhaps instead of finding new words to add to the censor list we can find the most irritating non post, post to post.

For those who care, apparently Windows 10 is going to be free for the first year for anyone with 7 or above. Also, to clarify that doesn’t mean that if you upgrade during that period you have to pay afterwards, just that you have one year to do the upgrade.

That is really intriguing. I need to look into what 10 is all about.

Might look into it but 8.1 is doing fine for me so unless there’s something drastic that’s awesome I think I’ll probably pass even though it’s free (and I won’t be charged afterwards whether it’s a monthly/yearly/whatever subscription or a one time “that’s the trial period buddy so time to pay if you like it” correct? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question but free and M$ don’t get used in the same sentence/paragraph in a positive no strings attached light)

@P_Anarchist Yeah, it confused me as well, but the article I read went out of its way to clarify that there was no fee, just a limited time to upgrade.

10 just seems like an extension to 8.1 and I like 8.1 so, naice.
I do like how metro is basically part of the start menu and not a separate thing, 'cause God knows I never used metro for anything.

I want DirectX 12, and that’s only going to be on Windows 10. I like the desktop and taskbar, honestly. Windows 8’s Metro view pissed me off, when I decided to run it in a virtual machine, so I could see if I wanted to go from Windows 7 to 8. Needless to say, I didn’t. Good for touchscreen devices, though, but only those.

I just installed one of the user modifications to kill off Metro, and restore the start menu after that 8.1 was fine. Hell, an improvement given the under the hood efficiency.

Okay okay okay. OH! I forgot to mention this last night!

But I found Venom again! He made a post on the Destiny subreddit called: “My (subjective) advice on being in a successful relationship while also being addicted to the grind.”

In it he outlined balancing the Destiny grind (he got it during Christmas) and his wife.

It wasn’t until I scrolled through the comment a bit did I realize who posted the thread and had a freakout moment.

Then we had a little OG bro moment.

Ah, looks kinda like eastern Nevada. Soooo…lots of shrubs, bushes, dirt, and sand.

Oh, and wild horses. Don’t mess this those things.

@Pandamonium72 Reminds me of how I keep running into my old wow healer’s youtube channel. He does mostly “let’s plays” and he’s been featured in two articles. The first was an article about his “no misses, no damage” megaman playthroughs. The other was from cracked and was ah… less positive.