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I’ve run into forum members elsewhere as well, I seem to bump into Rod about once a year (last two times were in Firefall and Path of Exile), and I ran into Dark on the ES forums a while back. Honestly, strangely enough the number of people who regularly hang around gaming forums is much lower than it would seem by the absolute number of members in such forums.

I don’t really visit other forums so I’m not cool enough to play forum tag.

Cheat > Venom all day errday tho

I remember running into him on the Dead Island forums. He sure gets around.

Windows 8.1 is fantastic, I love the metro.
I didnt like it at first but now ween I goten use to it I love it, it keeps my desktop clean without needing to buy Fenches.

Also I just earned Regular trust level and Im officaly the first non admin/mod here to earn it.

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One thing I believe that none of the BL games has got right so far is VEHICLES!

MY biggest gripe with TPS right now is the fcking vehicles. Seriously I have lost count of the amount of times I have died while trying to jump over what seems like an easy gap. I mean FFS I can OZ jump the bloody gap but can’t get over it with a mother fcking boosted car!

Other than that rant I am actually enjoying the game a lot. It is nice to hear an Aussie accent in a game for a change. Not that enthusiastic about Pickle though. Every time I am anywhere near him I just want to give him a whack a=on the upside of his head.

Oh and hearing the word ARSE instead of ASS is great. For me an ASS is a kind of donkey.

Above all though I F*CKING LOVE the BOGANELLA!!! Whoever put that gun and dialogue together and in the game has my permission to buy me a beer. Just that gun alone makes this game a hoot to play.

Back off topic now… BEER!

Hell yeah!

(I don’t even know what was there)


Here’s some other stuff to replace it.


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I like Bl1s the best, because of the wacky physics, nothing funnier than launching your co-op buddy into the air by punching their car. As well as the epic flips possible by hitting obstacles on the road, I’ve done some crazy ones in Knoxx

I dont feel this strongly.

I just had to find an excuse to use this gif.

It’s a Budgie @Kitty_Jo mind you it could be of the same family.

Actually its Budgerigar :smiley_cat:
Parakeet and budgie are one in the same. There is no difference.

Different regions call them by different names but it’s still the same species. In the states, Parakeet is what they are more known by, while in the rest of the world, Budgie is their name.

Did you know that in the wild Budgies only come in one colour?

Other than the odd mutation Budgies are predominantly green and yellow.

We also have problems here in Oz with budgie smugglers. Even our Prime Minister has been known as a budgie smuggler.


He was only there briefly though :slight_smile:

Where I am in West London we have quite a large amount of ringed neck parakeets.
They’re green with a black ring around its neck, takes some getting used to the squawking but it is nice to see a colourful bird in the wild.

The upcoming patch for ESO changes the game so theres no monthly subscribsion fee and I may finaly play it!


I did know that. Very cool fact. When I was 12, I wanted 2 Budgies. So my mom made me do lots of research before hand. I learned all sorts of cool stuff about them because she had me do that.
After getting them, my Blue lived 13 years which is long for a Budgie. His friend lived to about 9. Blue was never the same after his buddy died.

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I had a blue and white one as a kid, it’s cage was in the kitchen next to the window and the sink.
My mum used to talk to him while doing the washing up. Kind of cruel when you think of how they used to be kept.
Even a largish flight is too small for a bird really unless you have a rescued one that couldn’t fly.

Felt like changing avatar, to bad Discourse doesnt support gifs…

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Not even

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What the heck is that?