Random testing/questions thread

If you need something tested and I have to ability to I will. This is also a thread to ask questions About the game that you don’t think deserves there own thread. I know I have a lot of those.

List of things to test


This question has been bothering me lately, but alas, I am too far from my 360. Are the Kerblaster’s secondary grenades affected by the fuse time reduction of Krieg’s Blood Overdrive?

If my memory serves me right why is it that when I equip a Hoplite (or maybe all Turtle shields) and I spec/equip something that boost my max health by a %, that it actually reduces my overall health? I.E I equip a OP5 Hoplite and I have ~35,000 health and then I spec into 5/5 Healthy and now I have 0 health. (This is made up, but you get the point)

But then a flat boost like the L. Pointman’s passive, and the 35,000 turns into 60,000.

Lead: Most likely the % health boost may be improperly applied to the turtle shield’s health penalty instead/as well. Or it may be something else entirely, and I’d test it but since you so graciously offered your time… :grin:

Um I can test this but I have no clue why it happens.

I can also test this.

I’m pretty sure they explode on impact, but Pimp can do some testing on it.

They seem to bounce around a bit and they have a small timer. They only explode on impact in TPS, if I am not mistaken.

The bl2 version has a fuse time for the child grenade. Should be easy enough to test.

On the borderlands wiki it says that the more you kill the wattle gobbler the harder he gets and the better the loot he drops. Is this true or is the wiki wrong?

I’m fairly certain that’s only between the story kill and then the “raid” kill

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Tested it. With 10/5 blood overdrive and 100 stacks I saw no difference from the base fuse time.


That’s what I figured. Since Krieg wasn’t actually throwing it, I didn’t see why BO would affect it at all.

I’m going to page @khimerakiller
Is there any way you can make a video testing Axtons skill laser sight?

Unless the thing I’m testing has some way to track its results I can’t really do that kind of testing. So things like reload speed, projectile velocity, enemy health, ect…

I don’t have 3rd party software or an up to snuff PC to go onto the game files or time things frame by frame.

I was told it caused the turret to aim for the enemy’s crit spot, but it doesn’t fix the recoil causing it to miss a lot. But even if that is the skill’s intention, its stupid because the turret can’t crit.

Plus Borderlands is old news, I’ve got a brand new game to dissect. :slight_smile:

Oh well.

Heres one for ya.

The question is in the P.S. about whether or not the amount of players affects the loot in the train.

Edit: not sure how I could teat test. Any ideas? I read that thread earlier

Only thing I can think of is do a group of runs solo documenting everything purple and up, then do the same number of runs with a full party to compare the results.

I’d volunteer to join you for the full party runs but I don’t think we are on the same platform.

At this point getting a party of RANDOMS (lol auto corrects to all caps) may be difficult but I can try this weekend.

Query about Mr Zer0 that people here can probably answer anyway. Does the gun and melee damage boost granted by Deception only apply if you fire / stab with Deception still active? Or does it stick around to whenever you make your next attack?