Random things I would like changed for IB/moze

I would like drowning in brass to affect iron bear tbh so it can have a solid damage increase from killing since I think I still needs some damage boost.

Phalanx doctrine should also heal iron bears heal for a small amount when killing enemies so there are at least 2 ways for iron bear to survive and you arent mainly forced to use the explosive options to stay in mech the full duration.

Rocketeer class mod should allow auto bear to gain full benefits from any iron bear damage boosting skills which would make that class mod actually viable.

This one is kind of whatever but I’d like stoke the embers to go to 50% instead of just 30 especially when if were being honest using fire weapons in general seems weak at times because of how many multi health bar enemies their are I know switching weapons can help but I personally hate the idea of constantly changing weapons but that’s just me.

Salamander mods need about a 200% SMG increase because of how weak it is 200%would actually just make it ok even though that seems like a large %. Gotta remember a 200%increase to something like 600 dmg ain’t much. But something along those lines would help.

Personally think stainless steal bear dmg increase should be 50%at max points.

Some skill needs to do a flat splash damage increase in the DW tree besides the final skill. Fire in the skag den literally only helps for flesh enemies there are more than flesh health in this game and honestly not enough solid armor or shock aoe guns imo. Torgue promotion could easily be that skill if the chance also increases damage or it gives flat dmg increase.

We need a solid annointment that boost damage of iron bear or when in iron bear tbh everything is when exiting iron bear we need something else.

I think that’s kinda it sorry if you disagree I just wanna see things look better for moze and she absolutely feels like the weakest vault hunter but is also one of the funnest

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It kind of does. One arm works, and I believe it only works if you get the kills while in iron bear.

I’d rather it almost any other skill in the SoR tree but I’d take what I could get. I just never ever have the points to bother with PD. Maybe make Behing the Iron Curtain add max armor / second healing? I don’t know.

I can’t believe how badly they messed this mod up. It should have a point in Auto Bear and say on the card it doubles Auto Bear time. So 30s if your mod has a point in it, and 1 min if you put a point in it to have 2/1. If your mod doesn’t have a point in it you still get 15s in it, and 30s if you put a point in it. It should have SSB and RPM or Vampyr and RPM. They could change the skills and slightly modify how the mod works and I can’t imagine a single person would care if their mod was different when the logged in. It would make the while autobear is active mods useful even though they’re weaker anointments in general. I’d prefer to be able to switch my weapons.

TCP definitely should be the skill. If it was, then forget the skill changes to rocketeer. Also WCIC should be increased to at least 3 grenades per point.

Yeah we need on action skill start anointments on shields and grenades and they need to last a while. This almost has to be in production already, it better be.

Agreed. It would be really hard to invest in PD if investing in everything else that makes IB decent. You would have to give up Specialist Bear and Scorching RPM’s or give up AutoBear/MOD/SSB to get PD which I don’t see being worth doing.

Agree. I’d love to see Action Skill Start anointments on weapons and ‘While IRON BEAR is active on shield/nade that worked for IB’.

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I think the hotfix changes might be a hint at things to come. They can’t outright change them in a hotfix but they buffed some of them a ton. Maybe they’re working on making anointments even a little fair to use on Moze.

I like and idea I came up with not too long ago, of changing the green monster com to turn every “incendiary” or “fire” in her skill tree to corrosive, making her wayyyyyy more viable against just about anything. Another change I thought of was have the rail gun and the salamander be whatever element at base but give them an extra slot so you can assign an element to them. This of course would need a slight change to the augments of both but I think it’s worth looking into

Dude o ■■■■■■■ love that idea a bit but her doing fire and incin is probably stronger if the com operated like it says it does

Yea now that I think about it behind iron curtain should do something better for bear not PD that would actually be terrible lol. Or give that bubble thing the ability to heal bear while its active or something idk. I just hate that going into rail guns and such means u sacrifice all IB healing.
I personally love cryo mini guns especially since they can actually benefit from ice breaker mod.

1 thing I forgot to mention making short fuse work for iron bear would be a great way to help kinda sucks NONE of the final skills actually boost IB.

From a big mega thread I saw for what does and doesnt boost iron bear damage they said DIB doesnt boost

What really sucks is how easy it is to come up with an idea of how these would work with IB too.

Why doesn’t Forge allow you to fire for a lot longer without cooldown/reload?

Why doesn’t short fuse proc with any gun so then Vampyr would be viable with more hardpoints?

Why doesn’t TD proc when security bear breaks and boost his damage and proc the shield restoration?

It all seems like no brainers that they just didn’t feel like programming into the game haha

What’s funny is they programmed this back when IB was still super mega useless lol did they have bo intention of letting moze have a cool down because what she can live for like 2 seconds longer. Also I hate that TD cant just auto trigger and requires you to have that health cap for it to proc. It would low key be such a good skill

They REALLY need to change health gate mechanics. They should not allow over flow damage on shield break either. Or at least not with TD on.

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How would u suggest they change it?like to where u shouldnt be hated for certain affects right

Well, if they’re going to allow health to be reserved all the way to 1hp, they shouldn’t have made it 50% health or above. The whole mechanic doesn’t make any sense though. The loaded dice lowers your health by 75%, yet it has more survivability than reserving 60%?

Simplest solution (and most likely if they were to change it) would be making the health gate apply to the remaining health after reserving. So if you have 60% reserved, you’ll have 40 left. Health gate is now 20% max health. 1hp, they would have to make it 1hp… As in you can’t die in 1 hit at 1hp… There’d still be tons of downs with that though because of dots.

Ideally what they should do, is have enemy attacks make sense… Like every other game basically. Example Wotan. Why does level 51 Wotan have to hit for crazy impossibly high amounts? Why can’t he have a cap related to level? Say like max 6k. Have the health gate on shield break. Doesn’t have to be that number but something that makes boosting shields and health worth it in some way.

No idea why the game isn’t designed that way.

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