Random thought on Forge

What if it had a chance to fire an additional projectile? Say 25% and is completely random like mind sweeper and not pre-determined like MoD / Short fuse.

That would possibly give it some “Ompff” and make it s bit more worth, also synergize with red/green massive amount of % gun damage.

Going for forge generally means ammo sustain that keeps you from ever reloading, but alone it’s not very exciting or even “worth” next to Short fuse.

I think it would also benefit click, click on high mag + high fire rate weapons, aswell as N2M and bonus elemental damage in general.

Idk, just a random idea. What do you guys think? Not enough? To strong?

Edit: i mean bonus shot, not projectile. So essentially shooting twice.

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I’m all for it, would help dps a lot because the green doesn’t work without splash. I have yet to see a shreddifier build on mayhem 10 + nobody really goes into forge because of blue tree.


It definitely needs something. Short Fuse is just too good compared to the other capstones and Forge gets beat out by Redistribution pretty easily.

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Yeah, it definitely do need something. But not sure what, this were just a quick idea ontop of my head to try and get a discussion going on it.

I don’t think Forge can ever truly compete with Short Fuse without a complete transformative overhaul that results in it being nothing like what it is currently. SF is a major DPS buff in itself: it’s essentially Moze’s own take on Fl4k’s Megavore capstone, not including the fact that it actually scales in DPS output with Mayhem difficulty. While it would be awesome if Forge reached similar impact and value to SF, the changes required to make that happen would be dramatic on the side of being a tad unrealistic to ever see happening.

In terms of Forge retaining its theme while receiving a more likely buff, I would be content with a boost to regen rate for heavy ammo and even a % rate of grenade regeneration which I’ve always found odd that only Zane seems to enjoy such a stat.

One outlandish and totally unrealistic idea I’ve always thought would make Forge more lucrative is to provide buffs to anointed gear, either in bonuses or duration or both, although not all anointments are subject to a timer. Having only one action skill where the cooldown duration can last up to 100 seconds, I think Moze would arguably be the one recipient who should get bonuses for anointed gear more than the other vault hunters. But on the flip side, I can also see how a few boosted anointments would make Moze be like the siren of guns and explosions while keeping Amara company for breaking the game in such ludicrous ways.

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You mean like, sort of a boost to kill skills - but for annointments? That’s an interesting idea.

yeah, making forge compete with SF is probably a dream scenario at this point. Even if they scale SF down at the same time. It also depends what they’ll decide to do with the incoming 4th tree. I suspect it will be aimed to compete with blue tree rather than support it. Likely a scenario of Purple + green/red or Blue + green/red(sorry to any bloodletter moze, blame pearl). But we’ll see.

Yes and after having seen Fl4k’s 4th skill tree, I’m most definitely not harbouring any expectations as to how Moze’s will turn out. We’ve seen 8 of the new 14 skills that come with the Trapper tree, and none of them apply to Fl4k’s DPS with weapons or action skills. Unless the other 6 unseen skills offer bundles of bonus damage, the Trapper tree looks like a repackaged SoR tree for Fl4k except without the gun damage bonuses - as paid content. The amount of total DPS Fl4k would have to sacrifice by removing points from their original skill trees just to explore this new one would be sizeable to the point of being not worthwhile.

The only tier 2 skill we saw was basically Fl4k’s own version of Behind the Iron Curtain. One of the tier 5 skills (Fuzzy Math) looks so strong on paper for shields that it makes both the other tier 5 shield skill and the shield capstone redundant, giving the strong impression that Gearbox are refusing to learn from the mistakes made with designing the SoR tree.

As for Moze, I won’t mention anything about the skills or skill tree theme but if Iron Cub turns out to be a mini yet mobile version of Auto Bear that follows Moze around like Fl4k’s pets then that would be awesome. Mind Sweeper builds should in theory finally be able to profit from the bonus grenade damage anointment while ASA.

I was thinking about a overpowered fun way to improve forge, give it an addition 2% chance on all shots to shoot both of your equipped grenade/missle pod/rail gun/minigun IB hard points. Imagine tickling a M10 badass with a green Vladof AR and all of a sucken 2x hammerdown missiles flies out and turns it into a pile of radioactive goo