Random thoughts and changes I would like to see

(Sorry for spelling errors writing this up early in the morning and just throwing out thoughts :slight_smile:

Hello everyone huge borderlands fan here. In love with borderlands 3 with about 5 days in Amara alone she is so much fun to play. Every single one of her skill trees feels really solid to play in mayhem 3. With that being said Amara and Moze were my first picks and boy I’m glad I choose Amara.

Moze I wanted to play for the mech, early on its super fun can do some neat air dashes feels heavy and is overall great. But whats not fun is you can’t set foot in mayhem 3 without getting just totally murdered. I have the max amount of hp/armor you can receive on iron bear does nothing. Damage is not even noticeable. Which is sad because I have her at 50 now and I don’t even want to play her really. She has one tree thats just insane and thats right I’m talking about the Blue tree which originally thats the tree I wanted to play. But its just down right broken, not to mention in a group settings its not fun to play with another moze than can blow you up with certain guns. Plus the mirv nade is so blinding you can’t get close to enemies without a headache when partied with a moze(My friend plays moze and I was doing melee amara not fun many deaths were had xD).

So some changes I would like to see in the future, a dedicated tree to ironbear, it has some stuff in the trees but hell you can’t even use it on mayhem 3. If they add more mayhems in the future well then its even more useless, I have been hearing pets aren’t good for fl4k ether in mayhem 3. I hope that more builds will be viable because that is huge replay value for me personally. Amara has so much going for her its insanely fun. I have played around with soooo many builds just because of a single gun and tailoring that gun with a skill build. With moze you can sorta do that, her green skill tree is kinda meh just a bunch of ammo regen which is nice but the blue tree sorta has that. I feel like her green tree needs a overhaul.

For instance for moze I like she has fire stuff but in order to get her fire stuff she has to put like 8 points in one tree, 5 in another then 10 one more… Make is so her green tree works off fire and overheating mechanics. Tie these skills in with iron bear as well. Just feels like her green tree is lacking I’m just spitballing at this point because her red and blue trees are unique/special. Green could use some love.

Some other things I would like to see if there aren’t going to be dlc chars and just skill trees. I want a tree or relic for amara that will change her element every 30secs or a way to change her element without going to the menu. I can’t tell you how many times I have to go into my menu to swap just because mayhem 3 has -50% lighting/fire. Speaking of negitvate effects in mayhem. There shouldn’t be -50 lighting/fire/corrosive -50ele damage. Make them more unique like I’m not going to do a map with gun damage+, enemy accuracy, enemy explosions are bigger, 30% for enemies to reflect bullets. There needs to be catagories and one or two of those gets filled NOT GIVE THE ENEMY EVERY ANNOYING THING IN THE WORLD. That being said if this changes I would like the mayhem areas not to be able rerolled for x amount of time. I enjoy difficulty of the rolls but that should also reward me for my hard work. So the more difficult the negative affixes the greater the rewards or higher annoited drop chance.

I still have yet to test other characters out to see how they are end game. But Amara all her skill trees are viable. Moze well everyone knows her boom boom tree, hopefully her mech gets some love then I’ll try her again. I’ll be working on Zane/Fl4k testing soon.