Random Un-sighting When Aiming Down Sights/Scopes

So I opened a support ticket for this issue, but I figured I might as well post about it while I wait for a reply. Maybe someone on here can help me. I’m playing the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced version on PC.

I have the controls for aiming down the sights of guns set to default (hold RMB), but I’m having a problem where when I’m aiming down the sights/scopes it will randomly jitter back and forth between the sight/scope and the regular field of view. Anyone else having this issue/have a fix? I don’t remember ever having this issue on the normal GOTY version.

EDIT: Ha. Figured it out, turns out it’s just an issue with my mouse. I’m having the same issue on a couple of other games now, but it’s not nearly as bad as with Borderlands. I guess that’s why I didn’t really notice the problem until now. Welp, time to get a new mouse, I guess.