Randomly Got 3 Legendary Loot Packs

Last night after a game with Thorn I noticed I randomly got 3 legendary loot packs. I have the Deluxe Edition and those came with a few, but I opened them a long time ago.

I’m trying to figure out how the hell I got 3 Legendary Loot Packs seemingly all at once for no reason…My hope is that I can somehow recreate the situation lol.

Has anyone experienced this?

Usually it’s because you met a challenge of some sort.

Pretty sure you can check the game history and look at the after math of the game you played. It should list challenges you completed and what their respective rewards are. I’ve gotten a couple based off of challenges.

hmmm will def have to do that. Didn’t realize there were that many challenges that awarded Legendary Packs. Thanks!

yeah, some are class based, some are faction based. It’s crazy. But, roll with it! Free loot is free loot!

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