Randomly Kicked into offline mode-Internet fine

Hey, so my fiancé and I have been enjoying Borderlands since it came out, we recently got BHC for our PS4s and it’s been running fine for over a month. Tonight we were playing and mid-game he got kicked out. I quit and went to the main screen to create a new game and we’re both stuck in offline mode.

Internet it perfect, PSN is on, Party Chat is on, and we’re both connected via Ethernet to our DWG modem.

Tried changing the MTU and the DNS servers. And we’re at a loss. Factory reset our modem I case it was a firewall issue, hard reset both play stations and it’s still stuck.

Both BL2 and PSQ.

Please help :,(

Hello this just happened to my brother and I and i think i found a fix. Go to settings>system storage management>application save data and delete just the profile files under Borderlands Handsome Collection. You’ll Have to set your options back but it fixed it for us and I hope it works for you too.

That also makes you lose all unlocked skins, so probably not the best thing to do.

Eep. Ok I’ll hang back for a little and give it some time. Thought since it seems like a relatively random glitch it may pop itself back. But I don’t want to loose my skins ; o;

If all else fails I’ll give it a shot though!

This might seem obvious, but have you pressed the touch pad in the main menu or pause screen and tried changing the setting to online again?

Didn’t think about that, tbh the fact that I see this as an issue that dates back to the launch i find it kind of sad it hasn’t been resolved. Scoured the internet for 2 hours and no clear fix. To answer your question, no, it simply attempts to load the online session then stops, no error or anything. I suppose next time I’ll just wait and try again later if it ever happens again, already starting over because all my last gen data was on a 360. Luckily we only just started so no skins were lost.

All possible tips are welcome! Unfortunately I have tried that. It simply begins to updat but stays offline. The only one that will change is lan, but when I go to choose online it just jumps back to offline.

Agreed. It was just weird because it was fine for over a month. /shrug ; o;

For anyone reading who is having the same issue, it resolved itself after 24 hours. It sucks to have to just wait and hope, but after trying all the tips and tricks it was still buggin out so I just gave up for the evening. Was quite happy to see it back the next evening!

There’s a rather large thread about this very issue posted in the general discussion forum (I think that’s where it is). A number of people are suffering from this. Doubt GB are gonna fix it this late into the game now all updates etc are done.

Thank you love. Glad to know its not just me! And yeah it’s pretty past any time of correction. Oh well :o

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