Randomly matched with forum members - Have you met anyone?

Matchmaking has its fair share of unpleasant topics at the moment, so I thought I’d start a different sort of matchmaking topic.

If you aren’t in a premade team, you will of course find yourself playing with ‘random’ players, generally nameless faceless individuals…

But have you ever recognised someone from this forum in the waiting queue about to play with you, and suddenly not felt so alone in the big wide matchmaking world?

On two occasions now I have been lucky enough to be randomly assigned with members of this very forum, while playing on PS4!

Firstly, @ArmoredElder recognised me in the queue when playing meltdown…
A very good player indeed, gets the job done, holds their own, and this lead to several very successful matches…
We just let the matchmaking roll on with one game after another, and I had heaps of fun playing with you, I felt a lot of pressure to be as good as you though, haha.

Secondly, today I came across @uncia03. He caught my attention in the meltdown queue, because there was a younger lower CR player whom said hello on mic, and he answered back with positive feedback, offering to help the player and give him tips, rather than just degrade or dismiss him…
So I sent a message asking ‘are you from the gbx forum?’, because it’s rare that a player will be so helpful to a newbie, it made me so happy to hear such a refreshing friendly interaction over my headphones!

So, has anyone else found themselves randomly assigned with anyone from this forum, at the very least recognised them, whether you have said hello and made yourself know, or not…? (PS4, Xbox, or PC)

Or are you playing with other members of this forum at all to increase your gaming fun?

I’ve also played with @Slif_One and @Ryballs on PS4 (and some other people they have been with), also both friendly chaps…
But even though we are Australian, I can’t seem to find myself gaming at the exact same time (when they are on, I’m normally leaving, Doh)…

Even if the matchmaking is a mixed bag at the moment…
Finding friendly individuals along the way, certainly makes losing pretty much as good as winning in my books…
Because I’m having fun either way! :grin:




I met @TheFunfighter in the opposing team, and he was damn annoying with his Reyna skills, making himself and others unkillable. My team was stomped.

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I’m sure I have but I don’t remember names enough. I never add people I like to play solo, but people have added me after I put on a good performance. One person even said he saw my name on the forums but I don’t remember who his name was xD

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I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone from the forums yet. I may have and just not realized it.


I am on PC. I play PVE exclusively right now.
I have not seen anyone from the forum.
I have met many people who were great.
I have had several (6-8) invite me on steam.
Sadly, most don’t play BB anymore.
I am trying to coax them back but it’s difficult.

Most want to play PVP and then all it takes is a band of marauding foo-flinging monkeys (quitters, taunters, afk-ers, etc) to turn them off again.

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All my real friends are fussy duddys who don’t want to play pvp. (Basically all the gripes about MM). So if anyone is in AZ states. And has a mic. Hit me up. I like support. Xbone

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I don’t think that I’ve met anybody from here, sadly. But then again, I don’t ever really pay attention to who I’m playing with :sweat_smile:
If anybody wants to team up though feel free to add me.

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I dunno, do you count posting on LFGs and playing with them? :stuck_out_tongue: Sigh I wish I could play battle born with people from the forums, Advanced would be much less of a headache if people know what they’re doing and can talk over mic…


I highly doubt if people played with me they would remember because I don’t share names across the forums and steam.

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Very true, @vardren232, some people will have different names as their gamer tags and usernames on the forum…
So we might be encountering each other and not know it!

Guess if people have mics, and are willing to say hello, we should all ask ‘any gearbox forum members here?’, we might discover one another, haha.

LFG totally counts @Japanman15, it’s so much better playing with people you know share your same goals, I hope you have had heaps of fun with whomever they were/are.

Feel free to share your platforms that you play on here, and your gamer tags, in case you might want to play with each other… But anonymity is cool too, sometimes we just wanna play alone!

Thanks for the replies everyone, good to read how you are all experiencing the game, with or without other people…

And if you are playing over the time the gearbox devs will be on (latest battle plan), may you successfully find one… would be cool to test one’s skills against someone whom made the game.
I envy those players whom have already randomly found a gearbox dev to play with - luuuccckkkyyy!

I added quite a few people from the PS4 board when I first picked up the game and had some good matches. Though there’s a lot less activity on my friends list on battleborn these days, unfortunately. I haven’t bothered adding more since I play a lot less now, but I might play a lot less since there are less people that play on my friends list, I dunno.

I know that I’ve seen some names that have been mentioned in the forums whilst playing but I’m terrible with names so I don’t really remember. I’ll try and get a couple hours in tomorrow during the developer times. Hopefully some of them are on PS4…

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Double credits, a shift code for skins to come, and possibility of playing with devs is a pretty good reason to give BB a go this weekend.
This is what Joe said about whom will be playing and where too, hope some of us on the forum find a dev or two!

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Aww yiss… double credits and dev stomping!! Lol jk, I’ll be the one getting stomped :laughing:

I’ll have to send you a game invite sometime too @elle_tee, I’m so conditioned to playing single player games that I forget to even see if anyone is online to party up with!

Anyone else wanna add me, feel free. It’s JCKARL on the psn if you hadn’t worked it out by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m from Aus, have bad lag and server connection, will probably forget you’re even online, and am generally pretty average at the game; but it’s the thought that counts, right? Lol

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I play on PC (europe server) but I don’t think I’ve met anyone from this board (I often recognise names on the BB board of steam though, over here it’s quite frequent to encounter peoples I’ve played with/against)

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Thanks for the quote, I hadn’t seen the platforms on the battle plan when I looked through it. I’ll definitely try to make some time for it!

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Only thing I remember from PVP matches is my team around levels 3-50 and enemy team around 50-100… :smiley:

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When did you change your username @Shield_Biter? Confused me for a moment!
I mostly play solo during Monday to Friday, Aussie daytime hours though, so I understand that can be inconvenient/not pair up with most Australians… But if you see me, invite me! (I’m too shy to make the first move, haha)

I feel you, @ThatJohnS… That certainly happens.
I’m CR 100 and often get randomly paired in PVP with players below CR 50… But I welcome them, and am willing to succeed or fail with them :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I did that lol. Only the other day, I’d been trying to change to my usual screen name on here for a while (instead of the automated one from the email account tied to my shift account). Finally worked it out!

I’m normally on during day time hours too actually, I’ll definitely keep an eye out! :blush:

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I would be more than willing to play with anyone from the forums…as soon as I renew my PS+ membership XD. I’m a little burnt out atm(a little, played split screen with a friend the other day, double melee ISIC woooooo -.-) but I will return. PSN is Quack858 if anyone wants to add me ^^

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@Ryballs also created a PS4 community, which is an unofficial Battleborn hub for forum members here, it’s called ‘Battleborn Forumites’, feel free to join, write on the message board, and request to join active games of other fellow members :wink: