Randomly rolled Mayhem modifiers in public games?

I’ve tended to use public matchmaking mainly for the Maliwan Takedown (speeds things up plus it’s fun to play with others). I’ve noticed, though, that it doesn’t keep the host, or any other players modifiers – it seems to re-roll them randomly? Once I go back to solo play, it reverts back to modifiers I had settled on before.

Got the No FFYL one recently & that made for a very short match (and insta-leaving)! I mean, there are some modifiers I’d never settle on. Haven’t tried re-rolling (if I’m made host) – just assumed I couldn’t (but will try next time). Seems like Gearbox ought to have it so it sticks with the Host’s modifiers at least (since at least a little thought was put into picking them)?

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My understanding was that it’s supposed to use whatever level and modifiers the host has selected. But I know on XB1 with cooperation mode the guest joining can end up with both sets of modifiers stacked. (Haven’t tried in coopetition). Which doesn’t seem right, because even at level 2 they can then end up with 3 or 4 modifiers.

I get this as well, I stopped matchmaking after having to reroll my modifiers a few times. It seems like when it merges lobbies, the modifiers get rerolled. Even if you get host it still rolls mods. Pretty lame.

XB1 here as well, I’m sure this is the same on all platforms though. I could be wrong.

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Im on xb1 as well if i leave the game b4 the host i get my modifiers back if the host leaves the game i get stuck with whatever modifiers that i got when i joined. It still sucks cause i always get stuck with them i join halfway threw the takedown ppl leave 50% of the time.