Randomly the game won’t apply hot fixes

I start up and wait and wait and hot fix3s will never apply? I have to go back to title screen and try again for it to decide that I’m worthy of having it apply them

You should be able to sit at the main game menu - look for the sign on the post behind your character to appear. If it’s simply not appearing, maybe check to see if there’s a game or launcher update pending? That sometimes throws off the hotfix check.

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Nope, it’s just not doing it. No updates pending. I’ve even let it set 5 min and it won’t apply. I have logged in a couple of times and one of my weapons confirms it’s not applying. I just have to keep going back to start screen until it decides that it will apply this time

Has happened often to me, also, on Xbox and PS4.
I wait. And if waiting doesn’t work I force-quit the game and restart, that usually gets the hotfixes in (auto-correct just offered to spell “hotfixes” as “hotties” for me, I think I would like that better).
And sometimes, like last night on PS4, I just played for an hour or so without the hotfixes in just cuz.

I can’t say I’ve been experiencing any problems in having the hotfixes applied in my game.

However, what I do find annoying is that the “Hotfixes Applied” sign disappears again after a few moments. I usually let the game start up minimized while I do other stuff, so when I switch to the game after several minutes, I have no indicator as to whether the hotfixes have already been applied (I usually just assume they have).

I’d much rather have the sign stay in the main menu screen once the hotfixes have been downloaded.

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Complete ditto on that. I have a Flakker and it’s very obvious when updates don’t apply.