Randoms Surrendering

If you vote against a surrender that passes i believe you shouldn’t get a loss credit to your stats as it is unfair when you are out-weighed in a public group of randoms. it seems unfair that i get a loss because other people don’t want to play the game they bought.


In fairness stats mean nothing in this game anyway.

To you, some of us care about the stats that they are taking time to track. I play this game for fun but on top of that i play to win

If you play to win, then you would join a pre-made group instead of playing with random groups… That way you can all agree not to surrender :+1::nerd_face:

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So are you going to be my manager and find these pre-made teams for me? if not then kindly keep your terrible argument out of my thread. :+1::nerd:

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Add me on PS4 Matoxic88 and I’ll be happy to add you to our party when we’re on… Telling me keep out of your thread when I was giving you some advice, and a general sarky attitude isn’t a good start though :+1::nerd_face:

Not everybody knows people that play and latching onto somebody like a lost puppy randomly because they meet your criteria as somebody you’d like to play with again is a bit ridiculous even if they accept that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to play with some random guy that just started stalking them so your advice to join pre-made groups isn’t helpful since if one had pre-made groups they’d clearly be using them already, either way the game should be playable with randoms and having a party doesn’t solve that issue which is the core of the thread.

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I think the stats actually have an effect on matchmaking it’s self…
Aren’t they based on win lose, kill death, amongst other ratios/things?

So losing based on a surrender, when it could have been a win if the team was willing to push, could determine whom you play against next, to a degree…

Not to harp on matchmaking but… It is kinda busted (or so the masses say), haha.

This also bugs me when peeps surrender (or spam the surrender button!)…

I have two goals in meltdown alone…

  1. don’t surrender if the score is under 100, because you are giving the VS team the title ‘reborn as badass’ - win 10 meltdown matches before the enemy team scores 100 points
  2. wait until we hit the halfway point of 250, because this point can actually make it anyone’s game if the losing team pushes hard enough

If both of those points are met, and we are still getting a butt kicking…
Then by all means, surrender…
But I’m going to vote ‘no/against’ regardless…
One because I’m stubborn, and two because the winning team deserves a full victory.


Of course it does, if you have a party you can ALL agree to surrender, or you can ALL agree to not… That way you won’t have some idiot spamming it until he gets what he wants… Forgive me for trying to help the guy, I wouldn’t want him latching on to me anyway… I’m a pretty free person, and I generally just play with who I like when I like, which is why I have so many “friends” on PSN… If the OP doesn’t want to group up with people, that is his own problem… If talking is an issue, I hardly use my mic, but it is there if it is needed… I like how you feel you can be some sort of defender for a guy you hardly know, Good Samaritan you are :wink:

If you have a party they AREN’T randoms now are they? You’re repeating the same thing you said before while still not getting why it’s NOT helpful or even pertinent to the topic you’re posting in. So I’ll repeat myself, not everybody has people to be in a group with likewise not everybody is overly sociable and want to make new friends, but that SHOULDN’T mean they don’t have the right to enjoy the game without people constantly giving up with no penalty at all. The game SHOULD be playable with randoms as well as with free-formed parties, the thread IS about randoms and telling somebody to get in a party is NOT helpful NOR is it on topic and that’s why you got the response you did from him because you gave him a completely unhelpful impertinent response to a perfectly legitimate concern and your further response that it’s “his problem” really does say more about you than it does about the opener who you accused of being offensive in some way shape or form. If you’re going to respond to a thread about an issue with such responses you have to expect people to not appreciate your attitude on the matter and respond accordingly, i.e. yes he was “rude” and yes it was “unnecessary”, but you really did ask for it with your initial response and carrying the same toxic attitude now.

:joy::joy::joy: the tears, the salty tears…

I’m not a very sociable person myself, your opinion means nothing… The guy can’t have his cake an eat it too… I like the option of surrender being there as some times you have a limit on the amount of time played and would be easier to surrender and get another game in quick… But anyway, somehow you’re fixated on defending this guy and talking for him so I’ll leave it here… And I also didn’t read the majority of your second post, and thought I would leave it here so you end up reading my post as a whole… Farewell Good Sir - Marquis

Enough of this. If you’re just here to poke others with big pointy metaphorical sticks, you can leave the thread.
But as is, this conversation is contributing nothing helpful.

What’s that old saying? Talk about the game, not eachother.

Thank you! I originally posted this and stopped paying attention because it just went away from the topic

I can’t stand this. I don’t know why there’s such a surrender mentality for Randoms.

I was playing a Meltdown game and I think the score was 94 - 248 (something like that), with my team losing.

The thing is, though… we were gaining momentum. I had previously been 30 - 140. Then 60 - 210.

I don’t know if we could have won, but I’m sure we could have ended within 50 points. Some characters are just late game and some are just early game. fight it out or don’t play.