Randy Pitchford got ripped off millions of $

That really sucks. Fortunately it sounds like Gearbox will survive this. But, holy ■■■■. Why does the world have to have so many ■■■■■■■■ in it?

Something like this helped ruin another game company I like. Decipher.


That sucks. :confused:


this sucks, I hope we get justice where appropriate.

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That is awful, but let’s focus on what’s important here: How will this impact the (alleged) ongoing development of the next installment of Brothers in Arms?

It won’t. Mr. Pitchford is not GBX and GBX is not Mr. Pitchford.

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It better not - I’m gonna hold you that, Gulfwulf. Oh yes, I’ll be watching.

I’m sure he’ll happily repay you every cent you paid for his information :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic, looks like the major business hit was to the Nerdvana Cafe operation. Which sucks.

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That’s the question we’re all asking.

I want a cut of the profits.


I knew it!!

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Not that I don’t always agree with Mike :grin:


*That’s. :dukewhistle:


What the heck, over? I just read an article regarding the Pitchford’s assistant John Wright Martin, that he embezzled around $3M from them. After receiving a judgement to repay, the guy wrote them a hot check then vanished. He’s no doubt on to other targets and is well funded. Anybody have a photo of this guy?

Really sorry to read of this.

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Is this why Randy can’t stop releasing DN3D ports? I already thought he couldn’t pay of his loans anyways, where the hell did he get 3 million $?
This is a joke if it wasn’t obivious.

I just read the article on Decipher. That Eddleman dude is scum.

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@The_Cyberbaron From the looks of it, they are probably hiding the stolen money pretty well. I dunno how exactly. I’d say they need to have authorities to put these thieves on their watch list. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to dig deeper using the dark net to find that money transaction.

@DrIvanRadosivic So that’s where that Battleborn money went… Do you think they will recover it?