Randy Pitchford on BiA4: "We have awesome tech, some awesome content and gameplay. Currently trying to nail the story."

I found a Tweet by Randy Pitchford with some pretty juicy info on BiA4. Randy replied the following to a gamer asking how BiA4’s coming along:

“Sure. We have awesome tech, some awesome content and gameplay. Currently trying to nail the story. When we have that, we’ll be able to push towards something we can show and announce. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going.”


I’m excited guys! I’m wondering who will be the main writer on the story. As you all may or may not know, Mikey Neumann (who wrote the previous games) left Gearbox some time ago.


This is good news, at least something is happening.

As for the story i hope they skip the whole “Baker sees ghosts and goes crazy” and make it more like the first 2 BIA games, more military focused and less time spend in cutscenes and missions like the hospital in BIA3

I have high hopes for BIA4 but unfortunately most of the games Gearbox has made the past decade have been uninteresting to me or i straight up didn’t like them, which worries me a bit.
We are still playing the waiting game however so not much point in speculating right now.

Thank you for the news Wintahs :slight_smile:

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It’s nice to see that they are spending more time on making the game.

I agree that the game should he able to focus more on the military and try and stay on track with real life events, after all, not that many things happened during the Battle, hopefully they could introduce some new ideas right after Bastogne.

Why did Mikey left the studio? He’s the one who created the BiA universe. Surely that the studio are going to have some difficulty staying in step with the storyline, such a shame.

Here that they are adding something new to the game is making me not looking forward to the game but I am curious as hell wanted the story to end and see who get to go back home or not.

Adding the PTSD to Baker does seem a good idea since he is still regretting that it was his fault for getting his men killed.

Nothing is the same without Red😭

Wintahs is definitely my favorite Fleming.

Health issues, (multiple sclerosis and a stroke) means he’s spending a lot of time staying well, but does run podcasts.

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Well, there goes a good storyteller, hope they could find a replacement that is as good as Mikey.

Be sure to check out his current project, ‘Movies with Mikey’.
He provides in-depth analysis of movies, focussing mainly on the writing. Terribly funny as well.

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