Randy Pritchford ..will you FIX BL 3 ? so we can play it?

I’m tired of WAITING for BL3 to be PROPERLY debugged so the game is enjoyable. We have paid OUR money NOW do YOUR job.




Unfortunately that will never happen.


I almost hear him saying…

Yes, I allready have your money… Bye :sweat_smile:


If I were RP (I’m not) - what exactly can I do with this feedback? At least naming specific bug(s) would be helpful (and so is filing a ticket, by the way).

Entire post could use ALLCAPS and extra bad words for good measure, and it still would not be actionable. :man_shrugging:


That’s not a possibility for RP to fix the game. Period. Enough said. I wouldnt bet my life on it either.

Why do people often call out Randy Pitchford, the CEO of the development company, when complaining about specific game bugs? It’s like writing a letter to the president because your wi-fi isn’t working, it’s not his direct job to fix it.


Funny thing is, I’m not even sure who at GB would be in charge of technical fixes for the game. For most of the gameplay related stuff it was Paul Sage at launch (not sure if he still working on BL3) and I believe Grant Kao worked on the weapons until he left a month ago, which would just leave Graemme Timmins as the gameplay guy.

But for technical fixes I don’t know who’s job it was at launch, or if they are still in that role. @VaultHunter101 you don’t need to provide a name, but do you know if there is anyone in this capacity at GB right now for BL3?


I actually know very few individuals within GBX outside of the community managers.

What I’m wondering is who this Pritchford guy is… :wink:


:thinking: Don’t mind me, just sitting here wondering how I was able to clock 300+ hours in an unplayable game.


Would advise being specific with these bugs that you speak of and mention the platform as it would be more useful to the devs and perhaps gain some empathy from fellow community members.

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Fix the console crashing that occurs, particularly on the XB1X. Its only been an issue since the games release…last year. There are more than enough threads and posts on social media about it.

There, I gave a specific example of one of the many issues with this game. Next.


Farmable raid boss in DLC6 / Director’s Cut. Book it!


I do happen to have come across a certain Brandy Ditchbored in times of yore

I have about 200 hours on this game too. Doesn’t make it less than ideal to play when you get crashes every 15 minutes.
Don’t even get me started on loading times or coop.
The OP does have a point, as do the thousands of posts in the Tech Support categories.
Gearbox/2K/Karma/The Flying Spaghetti still do need to get their act back together especially considering bugs have been specifically reported over months now.


He’s the cousin we don’t talk about, just like Ted. I’m still waiting for Pitchfork to stop trying to run a company and personally attend to this issue.


Y’all talking bout crazy earl 's if he’s a game dev. He’s just crazy earl tho.

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If he runs the Power Company , then it makes sense… think about it.

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Hey so many people gave away their purchasing power uh I mean preordered the game and gearbox met the minimum legal requirements for the product why should they?

No you are right I mean he is just a no body he has no power or control at gearbox not like he’s the chief officer and executive at gearbox -.-

Even if he has the power to do whatever he wants due to his position, reporting bugs and blindly complaining about game mechanics you dislike towards him, ad personam, is equally useless and naive. He might as well have no idea about how to fix them or even what you’re talking about, because it’s not his job to fix it or create it. People always shout “RANDY” like he is mister Borderlands, but it doesn’t work like that.

He’s not even the creative director anymore, so what gives? Do you really think that naming him will make any difference?

Doing it in order to get either his or the company’s attention is an empty strategy. Doing it because you think he might personally fix the problem is nonsensical.