Randy Pritchford ..will you FIX BL 3 ? so we can play it?

Oh I know what you ment and that is why I responded that way lol it was hinting at my experiencing the same thing but you and I both know it’s the voldemort of gearbox lol

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If I’m not mistaken I was the one that you posted that too, haha, at least the post I just looked at and I know when I saw it I got a good chuckle out of it nor did I take it personal. As for getting flagged, been there done that a few times and even got put in “time out” because I hurt some feelers for a few weeks. However with that said there are a couple moderators here that do care and will go out of their was to assist.

As for the actual OP in this thread, chances are they know that RP is not going to see this nor is he going to wave one of his magic wands and fix the issues with BL3. I think it was more of venting as a lot, including me, do because this is the only place where a post/thread might actually get seen by someone, anyone @ GBX with a albeit slim chance of a response. Also GBX lack of communication and silence on issues that have plagued this game since it’s release doesn’t help matters either. Nor does the cut and paste answers we have gotten, ie: “We’re aware of it” , “We’re looking into it” , “Not at this time”.


Both you and @CharmlessBee are right on the fact that using RPs name isn’t exactly making any difference. I already addressed that above. It’s a trick to get recognition. Is it smart? Maybe not. Does it work? Apparently f yes.

If your “fun poking” was this reply:

Then I’m sorry, but I can’t see how that’s any more helpful or meaningful to the thread.
Many forum users tend to think the crashing/stuttering issues are something only a minority encounters. Hence undermining others complaints by saying (as you did) “But mine runs just fine so why complain”
If that’s poking fun, you have me bursting out laughing.

Gearbox communication with their playerbase has indeed seen a lot of improvement for the past years. Let’s not take that as a rare, wonderful stand.
The fact that many tickets have been filed yet they barely reply to them or fix things reported is a good element showing how people feel their issues aren’t addressed by the people in charge of fixing things.
If the patient feels the nurse doesn’t listen to him, he gets angry at the doctor. Then at the hospital director.

I’m still wondering how @patbateman72 does to post things here with reasonable amounts of salt. Basically XBox standard bearer.


I applaud gearbox. There are patch releases weekly. Tell me another company that has done as much after releasing a game as gearbox. Is it perfect, no, but not even close to unplayable. I have hundreds of hours of enjoyable play into this game. Lots of free dlc after release (cartels, Haunted dlc…) Ever heard of bathesda?! If they release a busted game it is what it is. Dooms save files are busted as hell, they ain’t tryin to fix it, fallout 76, heard tons of complaints bout that one. Occasionally stuff happens,enemies glitch out of the map, happened to me today in the water facility in arms race. Sucks, but it happens. I don’t think I can name a game I considered perfect in every regard. Gearbox has done great as a whole.


That thing you do where you interpret things from a single sentence is a bad habit to have. Makes me wonder why you played along with a “helpful” mod that jokingly wondered who Pritchford was. Weird how you quote both jokes in the same post and decided to single me out with a confrontational reply.

If you keep this up it’s only a matter of time until a mod starts wagging their finger. So maybe let it go? I’m not gonna entertain your interpretative argument to a joke I made.

Take Ghost Ship Games. It’s a tiny, indie Danish company which released Deep Rock Galactic this year (after about 2 years of early access).
They release patches every week, big updates almost every month, and each of these explains in detail what happens every time it drops. They constantly upgrade their game with additional events and modes. Their coop servers work perfectly.
I’ve never encountered a single glitch in many hours of play, but when these are reported they get fixed in the following hotfix. Not a year after.
Also they sold their game for 30 bucks and only added DLC cosmetics. Anything they add (as gaming content) is free. So Gearbox ain’t an exception.

I’m not criticizing Borderlands 3 content. It is huge, and I am pretty happy to see they released free Takedowns, free level caps, free seasonal events. I would have gladly paid for them.
I know people who haven’t played BL2 might not know how we had a lot of additional paid content:

  • 2 level cap increases, each at 7€ (or 15€?)
  • 4 headhunter packs (about 2hrs of content) for 5€ each
  • A bunch of cosmetic packs for about 3€ each
    Yet again I’m not even criticizing this. Anything I’ve bought in borderlands 2 made me happy.

The OP’s point is not content, game balance, annointements, etc.
The game works poorly for many people. Be it on Xbox, PlayStation or PC. Heck there’s a post about a PC upgrade above in this thread which was in vain.
That happens in many games. Glitches can’t all be properly tested beforehand.
The issue here, is that even with weekly hotfixes (which have become less frequent, from GBX word, on these forums, since apparently “players complained about the frequency of hotfixes”), the issues are simply not fixed.
They released Mayhem 2.0 but also disabled Guardian Ranks. They release additional skill trees yet they are full of bugs. Gamebreaking ones.
And most importantly they still haven’t done anything proper about stability, coop play, UI size, UI font, which are there since day 1.
If they show support for their game with additional (and sometimes free,which is great) content, they should also dedicate themselves to fix these issues. Period.

I’m genuinely happy to hear you’re having a great experience with BL3 content, as should be. It’s simply not the case for a good deal of players here. Their voices deserve to be heard.


well the thing is the CEO is in charge of hiring good leadership. And if the game has bugs it is his fault for not hiring good leadership. that is one of the CEO’s jobs. recognize and hire good leadership.

When has pinging the CEO of a company ever actually led anywhere though? That’s like calling the Mayor’s office when your garbage isn’t picked up on time. Sure, it’s under their purview, but there are 3 or 4 other people below them whose job it is to handle it, and the mayor is not going to go out of their way to do someone else’s job.

It’s literally a meme in the Borderlands community to ping Randy. It’s a joke. If anyone is seriously looking to have an issue addressed, go through 2K support, specify a specific issue you encountered, ping Noelle to have the issue passed along to the devs, submit a ticket, and it’ll be way more likely to actually reach the desk of someone who can fix it than screaming “fix your ■■■■ Randy” with no indication of what said ■■■■ that needs fixing is.

And yes, there are tons of things that have been reported hundreds of times that haven’t been fixed. No, screaming at Randy won’t get them fixed any faster.


As much as some people may disagree but I think Hello Games certainly turned No Mans Sky around from what it was when it launched with ALOT of free content and upgrades. They are also a tiny fraction of what GBX is and you can see what they managed to do.

I mentioned it in other threads as well but I can be honest and say that I wouldn’t even be on this forum if it wasn’t for the fact that GBX still has yet to fix their games issues that have occurred since it released. We enjoyed the first three entries very much and was expecting at the minimum the same performance as those but as we all know it is not the same. I am aware that those games were made years ago but GBX has also grown since then and there is no way anyone can change my mind and tell me that BL3 was tested as it should of been before release. Just playing co-op split screen alone for more than 10 seconds can tell you that. Also the game is still crashing consoles up to and including the next gen ones as well.

This time around it is pretty clear that the focus for GBX has been grinding out paid content and seeing what the streamers are saying about their game.

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No, you.


There’s a terrible bug where if you start a saved game on the beginning level you get stuck and can’t move

I’ve got two characters level 15 and 30 stuck , the games a pile of buggy garbage

i love when one person has a problem and they think everyone else has the same problem.you are a very small minority,he isnt worried about you.

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