Randy talks Duke

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I don’t think think this was posted about here. Randy Pitchford talked Duke with Frederik Schreiber (Interceptor Entertainment/3D Realms/Slipgate Studios), TerminX (EDuke32/Ion Maiden/Hail To The King Collection), and Yatta (Founder Duke4.net).

Highlights include:

  • Randy not knowing why Duke Forever shipped without mod tools but it’d cost too much to do, Frederik Schreiber mentioning he has all the 3D Realms archives and would do it for free

  • Randy mentioning that he has no plans to release Duke3D or Duke Forever builds again with an offer from Frederik Schreiber and TerminX to prepare this material for free or to display it in some way, Randy responded by saying this material would likely only ever be released or seen if he could sell it in a “Definitive Duke Collection”

  • A critique of Jon St. Johns voice which has been recently complained about in both fan communities and in the press to which Randy replies that there’s only one Jon St. John, Frederik Schreiber asserts they were able to get a great performance out of him with direction, Randy claims this would cost money

  • Randy offers to look in to the World Tour source for release to ensure source port compatibility in future

  • The Hail To The King Collection (Duke3D collection for Android based on EDuke32) is mentioned with Randy not giving any direct answer except he wants to avoid ‘low quality products’, prior to World Tour several releases of Duke3D included ports either based on JFDuke3D/EDuke32 or simply bundled EDuke32 with the DOS version of the game - this is the longest running, most faithful and best regarded port of the game that exists.

  • Gearbox are open to pitches for Duke games but Randy said they’d like to do something big before anything else. Gearbox has owned the IP since February 2010 and has released Duke Nukem Forever and World Tour.

  • On the character of Duke, which has changed dramatically since Duke Nukem Forever and is considered both by fans and press alike to be “Douche Nukem”, Randy commented that they’re trying to find a way to make the character work in the modern world in response to people in the call saying that the franchise under Gearbox had drifted to “Family Guy style comedy” and most aspects of his character changed including his voice having a lighter inflection, his appearance changing to what is called “Douche Nukem”, and the characterization drifting. It’s widely accepted in the fan community that Gearbox and Randy should be looking at Duke Nukem 3D, Zero Hour, and the 2001 trailer for Forever as inspiration for the franchise.

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What did Gearbox do to Duke?

3D Realms model looked like Duke. Why did this change?

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I think it may have been an attempt to tone Duke down from looking like a bloated steroid cartoon freak, to something leaner and more natural. Besides, it’s the voice and performance that didn’t fit, simply because, well, it’s run it’s course and plays out like a “broken record” and just sounds too “cartoony”. With all due respect to Mr. St. John for his years of service, I’m afraid it’s just time for him to move on from Duke.

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If you know much about sculpting that model I posted is a great example of proper human anatomy and design. Gearbox Softwares model is massively out of proportion and looks like someone out of Jersey Shore and Jon St John sounds like he does because he isn’t given any direction in the booth at Gearbox like he did at 3D Realms.

Jon St John, George Broussard, Randy Pitchford, and Frederik Schreiber have all confirmed this with Randy saying it costs money to direct voice actors.

Gearbox Duke

3D Realms Duke

(GAR) #5

Of course that first image is out of proportion, the POV is from such a low angle.

Honestly, the point you made about spending money is the issue I believe is at hand with Duke. Gearbox might feel as though they don’t have to put a whole lot of money and effort into making future Games/Films because they strongly believe that Duke will sell out either way and with the less money spent, the more they THINK they will make in return.

What ticks fans off the most, RANDY, is the feeling they share of Gearbox having a tight grasp on their Balls. So to speak. A company in the position they are in with the most iconic video game character who THEY believe is their golden boy bread and butter who supplies them endless piles of cash from a magic tree spouting a neverending supply of green… They’ve been doing it over and over for years with the constant release of variations of Duke 3D.

Randy, swallow your pride, hire the right people, spend some money and Make Duke better than anyone ever thought he could be. Or, just let it go and sell the IP to some NON adolescence.

(GAR) #6


Looks a little bit more like a real person in this pic than he does a cartoon. Either way, the extreme flattop should be considered out-dated.

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Again comparing Gearbox Softwares model to 3D Realms model you can see 3D Realms is far more natural and resembles the character a lot more than what appears in Duke Nukem Forever (2011) which it is worth mentioning was purposefully redesigned by Gearbox Software after they got the rights to the IP. 3D Realms model from a sculpting point of view is perfect and they manage to retain the essence of the character.

Gearbox Duke Art:

3D Realms Duke Art:

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Kinda amazed they didn’t get sued by Capcom for ripping off Albert Wesker

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #9

I hope we get a M72 break action grenade launcher and a 1895 Winchester lever action rifle as new additions to the arsenal. A Mateba and a Model 6 unica type revolver would also be Duke like. And getting Duke to dual wield handguns could work.

for Duke’s design. having options to customize him could work. the hat and long coat would work great. even light RPG elements like having new skills and functions would work.

I think a balance of cartoony and realistic could work, but we also need to give the King a game he deserves.

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check the date before you post. This is almost a year dead.

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i got it in the recommend part, but yes, it seems a bit silly to necro this.

that said, what is not silly to necro is Battleborn.

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Just so you know, the site platform does absolutely NO date-based filtering when it adds the “Suggested Topics”. Some of those suggestions can be 3 years old…

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yup. at least I got a Duke the Bounty hunter in the recommended as well.

Do I need to post in the 20th Anniversary edition for new Duke stuff or not?

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I would say “yes” to that, unless you are specifically responding to an official Gearbox announcement of some form.