Randy V. Q&A about the future of Battleborn, upcoming patches, and player numbers

Happened upon this and thought some folks would appreciate the information. Interview from May 10, 2016. Answers lots of questions and concerns people have been posting about on here.

Audio: https://www.twitch.tv/kalology/v/65581544?t=04h03m00s

And from reddit, a good summarization: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4ip8ep/qa_with_jythri_creative_director_on_a_twitch/

From Kalo, who is both friends with Randy V and the original interviewer, an even briefer summation:


This is so encouraging to read! :smile:


Incredibly glad that support for this game seems to be primed to go on for quite some time. Hopefully, since they’re listening to the community, they’re thinking of extending these plans even further to make room for more extra characters and/or DLC missions in the future.

I know plenty of people (including myself) who want to be playing this game for a long while.


Love this whole interview


I’ve been an, almost exclusively, FPS “campaign” (solo/co-op) player over the years. For those games I’ve followed closely, I’ve never seen the kind of feedback Mr V gives to the community, not even Borderlands. To those of you in the multiplayer world, is this common? In any case, it’s much appreciated.


I ready the summary and then watched the interview. In the summary there’s mention of Miko self-heal and ISICs survivability nerfs but I just can’t find them in the video. Could anyone tell me at what time in the video are they mentioned please?

So encouraging!

The reddit is a good summary! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for posting this, a lot of good info here. Really glad they are taking time to look at character balances.


Please fix Deande! Her melee hotbox is so off :cry:

Edit: HITbox

woah, buddy. Keep it pg. No talking about Deande’s “hotbox” :wink:


You know what I meant lol

Nice to see some info about the advancement of the game…But they gonna nerf ISIC? MY ISIC?!

Please Gearbox, Nova in a robot suit!


Nice to read… hmmm. I remember a lot of ppl talking about how op galilea is… but the galilea player allways said she is just fine… now i read “god like” … i wonder what comes next ?

Galilea player : Its teamplay ! L2P Gearbox ? ^^