Randy Varnell Interview

I haven’t seen this posted here. Gearbox fan podcast Third Shift did an interview with Randy Varnell where he goes deep into his games career and his creative roles in Borderlands and Battleborn.


I wish the interview was longer.

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I’ll give it a listen

Theres also this post about writing for Borderlands, Mikey Neuman and Atomic Robo, pretty cool!


it was good really enjoyed it. glad to hear some of the unmentioned vault hunters will eventually make an appearance (please be sal) only disappointed in that i didn’t hear a mention of vertical splitscreen option. i know they are looking into it but honestly if i just had that i could deal with the menu lag a little better. hahaha

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Wait, is there any other information anywhere about the cancelled Gearbox game he mentioned? it sounds really interesting, I’d love to know more!

To quote him: “[…] they wanted me to write their next game. I’m not sure how much of this is technically under NDA so I’ll just say it was going to be a co-op WW2 shootymans game with a little sci-fi to spice up player and enemy abilities and humor sprinkled throughout to keep things moving. […] Then it was cancelled. […] Fun Fact: one of the characters from the cancelled game is playable in Battleborn.”

And then he said in the comments that the character was probably either Oscar Mike or Montana.