Randy why so many nerfs to flak(putting up the game for now. Very disappointed.)

Another flak nerf. Really? Moze can 1 shot. Amara can 1 shot. Zane is fun to play. Fade away only last 5 seconds. So basically you will only get 1 or 2 bullets back on a ability that lasts 5 seconds and has a 45 second cooldown. I see him more as a chore to play. I know they buffed the animals but I’m making a guess that in mayhem 3 it still won’t matter. This is making me regret Playing flak as my first character. He might just barely be viable after this but I can tell you now that he just plain isn’t fun. There is almost no synergy in flaks crit build. After seeing all that has happened in this game so far I think they will continue to make more updates in the future like this marking the game worse for certain characters. For now I’m putting borderlands 3 up and taking a break from it. They have never done this or not to this effect in the other games. I’m not taking just about nerf but just taking the fun out of the game.


Moze can’t oneshot, FAKE NEWS (only with a exploited Face Puncher Build)

100% agree. Very disappointing this situation


“Amara can one shot.” No, the Lyuda can one shot. It also requires a certain relic, class mod, and exact build that isn’t good for anything other than one boss, and a very specific anointment.


Don’t worry is going to get Nerf Next :joy: even if is a nich and requires a lot of farming :joy:

It only works on one boss and has no sustain.

Fair enough but she still can kill almost all bosses in like less 10 seconds without that build, and they still after the second patch haven’t even fixed that so I guess your right but I’m not saying moze should even get nerfed. I’m saying flak shouldn’t get absolutely destroyed.


I know Randy is the CEO, but CEOs don’t get down into these kind of details.

Randy isn’t the one who is decided on what gets balanced and how.


Same thing I said to the other guy.
I’m not saying Amara should get nerfed. In a champion only game I don’t think hard nerfs are necessary. I’m fine if they want to make the game harder, but they are just nerfing flak hard and when I see two characters that can melt everything meanwhile my character get curb stomped by the devs it’s just annoying. But I don’t think anyone should be nerfed. P.S. you know the lyuda is not the only gun that just decimates bosses with Amara.


Yeah. I don’t mean to just put this all on one guy. He’s just the only relevant name in gearbox. Sorry about that.

Which Randy? Pitchford is only my second favorite Randy at Gearbox

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Paul Sage is the guy you’re looking for amigo. Randy doesn’t do balance.

Also, Fade Away last 15 seconds. You can use the other augments. In fact, a lot of people’s complaints about the Fade Away nerfs could be resolved by just experimenting with the other augments.


They just hate fl4k, sadly.


The pets themselves still deal the dame damage as before, they were not really buffed. Its just the bonuses from barbaric yawp that were increased

If the elemental damage from Scorcher and the bonus damage from the skag effect themselves, they’ve been buffed by 20% and 10% respectively.

Not the amount nor degree to which I was hoping, but a start nonetheless.

They didn’t buff pets, they just buffed pets passive buffs to Fl4k with BY. Pets themselves remain laughably weak. Rakks got guaranteed status, but Fl4k doesn’t have many bonuses to element damage or status effects, so it really doesn’t change anything about their effectiveness. The death of LNT is a net loss for all builds, and far outweigh the buff to BY (good step) and the superficial buff to Rakks (meaningless).


I did a little testing and didnt really notice much of a difference sadly :c

Testing required, but I believe I addressed that.

Scorcher, which just got buffed by 20% to give you passive 30% elemental damage with ALL elements. All you need is Scorcher and Barbaric Yawp. And elemental damage is always good on every character, it’s one of the most powerful multipliers in the game.

Guaranteed cryo procs may not do much against annointed, but against every other annoying enemy it will help a great deal.

Does BY at least affect all pets equally now? I will quickly curb my enthusiasm if it doesn’t.