Range of score, first 4 OP dlc

Found this interesting.
All Solo missions, every character on every dlc at 100 OPs.

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Indeed. OMvBS is reasonably easy to come out of with plenty of extra lives, meaning lots of bonus credits whenever you open one of the double chests. MatDB, on the other hand, is a good way of churning through said lives and you don’t get the double chests until the very end. That last bit probably needs some adjustment (unless there’s one or two exceptionally well-hidden chests no-one has found on some out-of-bounds map area you have to glitch into.)

Having gone thru these missions in each I do feel the hardest dlc has the least chance of solo score.
Did all I could to break into 60k, that high score was as Toby who could use the Ult to chop them fast.
The key in the Montana dlc solo isn’t killing everything and opening everything, it’s killing things super fast.