Ranged to strong

I feel like ranged characters are way to strong and make it really hard for anyone who’s melee and doesn’t have a shield to even attempt to attack anyone. It pretty much goes if you try to initiate onto someone they’ll simply run away and youll get focused down by the other ranged people. Not to mention how hard it is to push back any wave of minions without immediacy being focused forcing you to go back. This Cy let also makes it rely hard to level.

Imho melee obliterates most ranged in a 1v1 . The thing is , if you are playing melee , you can’t put your self in a situation where you are alone with multiple ranged characters.


When I play I experience it exactly the other way round:
Galilea and Rath showing up and killing everyone up to 4 players at once. Not sure if it is our fault or we are just too weak (I hope this skill based matchmaking will be enabled soon).

Funny i am sure 3 days ago people said melee to op.
This game isnt about kills if you pushed them back thats a win. Melee will always win 1v1 close rannge ranged will always win 1v1 at range.
Go round attack from the side if you charge head up at a range without moving yeah they going to put some damge on you.

Did you try Attikus? Big target, has a tough time. Gotta wade into the lane to clear minions and you’ll get peppered nonstop for the trouble.

Thats a problen with att not ranged did you try rath phoebe shane the other melee characters? Hell even attikus past level 5 different story?

You need to be careful to see who you’re chasing. I just came out of a match where an opposing Rath had like 19 kills. I went from dominating him to him dominating me.
Wow that is a weird sentence.
A Rath takes a lot of advantage of panicked people. A galilea relies a lot on stun, plus she can run while she attacks and she has desecrate and she can heal and go partly stealth.

I think Attikus just needs a little love in early game. I also thinks his cool downs are a bit to long.

I went 25-0 on Marquis yesterday because melee kept running straight down mid on Overgrowth. I thought I was dreaming.

To me it sounds like you chose a character you were unfamiliar with, you just have to know how to play that character.

All characters are different so one ranged character might seem to strong in a game, but it could be due to what characters are on each team or how skilled the players on the teams are.
I have played a game without any long ranged characters and they had a decent marquis, since we had nobody to deal with him easily he was able to constantly shoot us, seeming op. But on the other hand I played a game with marquis on each team who was able to 'distract" each other giving the melee players a chance to move around more freely.

There are also plenty of abilities that melee characters have to counter ranged characters.
Boldur has a shield so he can get closer easier, he has a dash that can also stun and if they do try to run away he can just throw his axe at them.

Also, you shouldn’t find yourself in a 1v1, since you should be using teamwork.