Ranged Vs. Melee

So over the past couple of weeks or so as I have been going through characters I usually find fun to play, I’ve been noticing a rather big change to the teams being chosen. That would be a drastic increase in ranged picks in the vast majority of the games I have been apart of. you practically NEVER see a game without Benadict now, and he is usually accompanied by something like Ernest, Kid Ultra, OM/WF, and Alani/Ambra. This may be due in part to the nerfs to Rath and El Dragon, but just about every game I go into has 4 of 5 rnaged characters with the 5th being the solo melee (usually me) or the healer with the second team doing the same. Does anybody else run into this kind of thing? what do you guys think?

A full team of melee would beat any team that had bene, KU and a earnest on. :slight_smile: #MeleeMeta

In seriousness you are right. I see a lot of that lately too, however Galiliea shuts that down real quick. It sucks when you have people on the team that can’t handle it though even if they had a counter character.

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I see less ranged tbh

I’ve been seeing a lot less melees running around. Kind of upsetting because when I’m the only melee it makes things difficult for me.

I see more Shanes than ever, and fewer Thorns.


This has been true for a long time.

Back when Issic was OP you’d see full ranged team comps all the time.

If anything the Incursion changes made it worse.

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Wait you aren’t serious about a full melee team beating a bene kid ultra and Ernest squad are you?

The meta of the game has always favored ranged characters over melee. When the game was first released, the best team comp was Isic, Montana, Miko, Ghalt, and Thorn. Once people started having bans in competitive matches, Isic, Miko, and Thorn were often excluded making the best teams had someone to fill each of these roles, sometimes multiple at once. Support/healer, wave clearer, lots of stun, high damage, tankiness. Since the last big update, when they game a lot of melee characters health, I am sure the meta changed, but it will always be around staying up, stun the other team, and not getting hit back.

He is… Hi I’m currently the best melee player on PC (to my knowledge) and If I recall you are one of the comp players from xbone. (V0lum3’s team?) Melee can certainly win against an all range team when coordinated and played well enough. Range lacks the CC and now wave clear to compete with melee since the last big patch. Range also lacks what I like to call hyper carries, any character that scales really hard late game.

Your welcome to think what you want but as the best melee player I believe against a full team of ranged characters an equally skilled melee team would win.


I was serious about that too :sunglasses:

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I’m not saying all ranged lol. He said KU, bene and Ernest. I’m not sure where you get the idea that a KU Benedict and Ernest don’t have wave clear ability, they all have splash damage weapons with good output. Gimme boldur or gali and a support on top of that and I think it would have a field day against an all melee squad. If you subbed out Kleese for KU, yikes. This is assuming we are talking about incursion though, I can’t speak to meltdown as I never played that competitively.

Its cause of the upgraded bots. With ranged character you could be at a distance and take less damage. On the other hand, melee s have to approach the shepherd along with all the to her little minions all going for you. I realize that they increase d health on some melee s due to being at a disadvantage to ranged but they should have increase it even more because of the minion changes … IMO.

Yes another one who agrees melee are fine and take more skill

I never said they didn’t have any, I said melee would have an edge since they overall have better clear then range now. Not sure how your drafts went but if one team is grabbing all the best melee then team that favors range is missing out on Gal, Ambra, Dragon and Phoebe in their early picks. i would mention Attikus but he does far better in Meltdown. But as you said Incursion and Meltdown are different game modes so on Incursion it’s harder to win with a melee comp.

The only + to running all melee’s on incursion would be the super easy picks when people separate and sentry diving. PC doesn’t really play Incursion but we might start doing that since they made it more about the minions instead of choke point holding and waiting for a pick.

Yeah I could see melee being more viable in meltdown for sure. drafts generally started with wave clear, thorn orendi and Mike were the first three to go, though usually thorn was banned. After that it was generally any supports that weren’t banned, followed by a gali or boldur, though they were occasionally banned as well. You mentioned phoebe as a somewhat high priority pick, she was hardly ever picked in our tourneys and scrims. Though when I do play meltdown, she’s 1 of my favorite characters to play. The other thing too is that when we were playing competitively, the aoe nerf hadn’t happened yet, so frankly the drafts could go entirely differently. Personally if I were doing a draft now for incursion, I’d want gali all day long over any character and she’d be my no hesitation first pick. I wasn’t saying melee is bad at all. I think boldur and gal have the most carry potential once the reach a certain level just like you mentioned, and melee characters are in my opinion way more fun to play. I just think that in the game mode I play most, all melee would be very tough. Especially on overgrowth because a big part of that map is getting up in front of your wave to keep the opposing team away from the minions. With no range to drop the thumper it is much tougher to put pressure on opposing BB. Even destroying the shock turret wouldn’t be fun as you’re going to for sure take damage in order to destroy it. But overall, like you said it’s all situational depending on mode, skill level and all that jazz. Do you stream at all, or any of the guys you play with? I’d love to see some truly competitive play as there isn’t anything on XB1 anymore sadly.

Yeah Rawrquaza sometimes drops in and plays with us and @RedX also streams. We’ll all be playing the devs this Saturday which will be casted and streamed by Skelion and @Kaleidodemon although i don’t know if we will be doing any drafting with them. I’ll try and see if anyone wants to start streaming and casting our 10 mans since Skelion no longer plays.

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Phoebe is great btw… really surprised she is rarely picked in Xbox

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In his current state, Kid Ultra is the counter argument to this. He gets pretty ridiculous late in the game.

You are right about melee having an advantage right now though. More pushing power, more CC availability, more “imminent threat” to pull aggro off of minions, etc. Playing range naturally is a losing battle if your melee enemies are coming at you in a coordinated manner, forcing you to fall back. Combine with the ridiculous advantage a team on the offensive has over one on the defensive.

I love phoebe, at the time we were playing though, there were many characters that were better options in the role she would’ve filled. Rath, dragon just a few examples. I love her play style it just didn’t fit in well with the competitive incursion scene on Xbox at the time.

Sounds good man I’ll have to follow them on twitch and tune in.