Rangefinder (Helix 9 after unlock) - TMP +11 - glitch or WAI?

Hello all,

As others have pointed out elsewhere in the forums, Caldarius’ Rangefinder augment grants 11 added bullets to the TMP’s magazine as well as significantly extending the maximum range of Flashbang. Further, the 11 added bullets of RF will stack with the 8 from Microfusion Cell for a potential total of 39 TMP bullets per mag. Pretty substantial increase.

Have the devs openly stated whether this is WAI or a glitch of some kind? I’m assuming WAI since the TMP ammo gauge can accommodate 39 bullets (I’d expect it to glitch if the increase wasn’t planned).

If Rangefinder is WAI, does anyone know if there are plans to notate the magazine expansion in the Helix blurb?

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK, nothing has been openly stated but Im sure that, if it is a bug, they will be fixing it. Theres another thread about this in this section as well so its not going to be unnoticed at this point. Would be nice if one of the devs dropped in and let us know?

It’s an odd number to be adding, honestly. If it was another 8 rounds, or an even 10, I wouldn’t even suspect a bug.

I kind of can’t believe something like this wouldn’t get caught in test, though. It’s a BIG change. Even if you already have Microfusion Cell, you notice those extra rounds.

I really would appreciate someone confirming one way or another if it’s a bug or WAI. I don’t want to get used to using it if it’s a bug and headed for the chopping block.