Rank 100 and I get paired with a rank 1. How?

I get rank doesn’t determine matchmaking, but when I get paired with people who have never played vs another team before…

I’ve started leaving matches of anyone is under 10.it gives me at least some hope I’m getting paired with people thY have at least played the game for an hour.

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Your experience rank = time played not how good you are in pvp. There is a true skill like system in place in the background that matches your based on your actual performance in game. This could mean the last 3 games , or the last 100 games.
And that would mean either he’s doing pretty good in those few matches or you were doing pretty bad.

(Or he could have been in a party)

No offense but you leaving matches because someone’s "play time " rank is lower than yours only kills an already long mm wait time.


As stated, I understand lvl doesn’t factor into whatever horrid matchmaking system they have devised.

And jumping ship when I see a lvl 1? I’d rather play with someone who has a gear loadout or has won 2 missions.


But that can have a double edge. I know quite a few people who currently only play private matches , either just for the bots or competitive. This may have changed ,but you don’t gain exp and gear in private matches so some could technically have played at a higher competitive level than you but only has a 1 or 5 next to his name.

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So what you’re saying is playing vs ai should be equiv to actual pvp?

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No what I’m saying is private is also used for scrims and lan tourneys…you staaaaph

It’s a great game, so don’t go fanboy defensive on me for finding however they are doing these matches lacking.

Have they released how they are doing it? I can’t find anything but people complaining when I search.

Why must I be fanboy defensive ? Because I don’t agree with you? Seriously?


At rank 64 I was getting paired with rank 5s after I had been letting Galilea’s kill me as Ambra. Before that I was with people in the 30s-40s. RazzTy is correct from everything I ascertained in my playtime.

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Do you have a mic?
Maybe you could offer some friendly advice to the people you are being teamed up with?

They too might see your rank and make their own judgements of you…
Say, that you have either played a lot, or that you will do exactly as you have, placed them in the inexperienced/unskilled box.

(Some people have played the beta before the full release purchase)

Matchmaking ain’t great, yeah…
But losing won’t kill you, just as winning won’t reward you a pay check.

Some players just need to just get on board with ‘take what you can get’…
As I find sitting in a constantly refreshing queue due to drop outs, far more annoying than losing.


I’m not going to stop playing or anything. Games super new and bugs are exoected.
This part really needs changes.

And as far as giving advise - “Miko can heal with left trigger.” “ya probably shouldn’t be charging into melee range of 3 of them as Oscar mike/orendi/marquis/thorn” “it usually doesn’t take 2 on merc while sentry is under fire” - have all been said more than once.

I try never to say anything in game because I’d like for people to play and get better - and having some dude not pick you while you’re losing is rough.

Have they released how matchmaking is done? The only snippet I’ve been able to come upon us it is not through cmnd rnk.

Yeah it can be rough being singled out when losing, but if you choose your words carefully, it might help…

I’ve played some matches with people far better than me, and even though I haven’t communicated to them via mic, they have communicated to me…

Whether it was just general instructions of what to do…
maybe what gear I could equip next time…
or even though I’m sucking, encouraged me when I did actually do something right within the match, haha…

A loss doesn’t have to be a slow painful grind, if you try to hold your own spirit in tact… Or your teams… They might carry some dignity into the next match they play.

As for how matchmaking is done…
I think there was a video that one of the devs did, that had some mention of it, but I haven’t watched it…
And I can’t seem to find it! (If I do, I’ll come back and share it)

But I have seen others mention that it has something to do with win/loss kill/death ratio, amongst other things (unsure what, sorry)…

And many have put forward removing the command rank for the reasons we are discussing now (pre match assumptions of players)… And one of the devs whom frequents this forum, said they had been discussing such a thing amongst the office…

But whom knows?

I don’t, sorry…
I’m just playing to have some fun :slight_smile:

If they remove the only current way to distinguish someone’s skill level in a pvp game I will be impressed.

And we all play games to have fun. If I start getting frustrated when someone goes 0/10/0 - I just jump on deande and target anyone that was under rank 10.

Have to agre with @elle_tee: If you are c-rank 100, why not try and help c-rank 1 with tips and tricks coming from your, presumably, larger experience of the maps, successfull tactics and so on?

In other words, community vs ego, @tythornton.

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I don’t like being neither paired, nor opposed by low level players, because they are usually new and only learning the game. When stuff like this happens, I usually pick something I completely have no idea how to play, and avoid any dirty tricks like sentry sniping on Overgrowth.

I feel ya.
And I’m probably a mid range pvp player.
That being said a mid range player shouldn’t be paired with someone who’s played 2-3 games tops.

Yeah, I think an optional area to play in where new people can jump in and learn the game without issue would be nice. That being said though, it doesn’t take a long time to learn the game, and I feel you probably know what you need to know at Rank 6, at least, and would be ready to play with the big boys afterwards.

Because like the countless other threads your command rank isnt a show of how well you do in pvp. You can get command 100 without one foot in pvp. There needs to be a pvp ranking system as so many other threads have already said.

Read much?