Rank and Lore Mastery

Several of my characters that I have mastered (rank 15 and all lore) shows that they only have 50% done under the Lore and Rank Mastery line. This happened after the update where majority of lore challenges for different characters were redone. Also for Pheobe, I somehow got the mastery and master skin for her after i completed all of her lore challenges but note, I am only level 9 with Pheobe, so I definitely shouldn’t have gotten that title or achievement. please help.

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Same with me! Except I have finally done “The Tour” for Benedict in Chaos Rumble and got his 100% lore, but it shows only 50%. AND I DIDN’T GET THE ACHIEVEMENT!!! Devs, please fix this!

Same thing on PS4.

Still having the same issue with very weird numbers for lore. Also, the sorting is all random if you try to sort by lore.

The achievements are just for mastering the lore though, not for leveling. So it was correct that you got the achievement for Phoebe. You shouldn’t have gotten the skin nor title though.

Pheobe has been bugged since launch. She was the second person’s lore I finished and I got the master skin before the pink one :neutral_face:

All the lore stuff is glitched though ever since Pendles. Yes, Pendles. You just haven’t noticed. Try sorting your characters by lore or character completion. It will just keep them in alphabetical order. I noticed this a while back