Rank Help Please

I completed the campaign and I was level 42. Now for some reason there is only Guardian rank. I can no longer rank my character up? Why? This makes no sense and feels like I just wasted my time. This is my first Borderlands. I am missing something? Why wont my character rank up anymore? I didn’t know it was the last mission. Changes my entire perspective on this game if I cannot rank up my character anymore. Feels like all of that hard work for nothing. I was loving the game too. Please help!

you can probably keep leveling. how do you know that you’re not leveling up? your first guardian ranks should now go pretty fast so you’ll likely gain a few before you level up again.

Because I have completed multiple side missions and my rank has not moved at all. It is in the same spot as it was. As in the bar isn’t even moving and no XP is going towards it. XP is only going towards the guardian rank.

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super basic, but have you reset the console? sounds bugged. might want to reset, otherwise typically it’s just the confusion between xp/guardian ranks that gets a lot of people

Ok I did that before and nothing, but Ill try again. Thanks!

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there’s never been an incident like this before, as far as I can search around for it. If this doesn’t work check back, no one’s reported this happening yet.

Ok, thank you for taking the time to respond and look into it! Much appreciated!

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Try try true vault hunter mode and see if your xp is still stuck.

I agree with drummel. If you are doing very low level side missions you won’t notice the bar moving much. So either set it to Mayhem level 1 so all side missions (that you have not yet accepted) will be brought to you’re level when you do accept them or try True Vault hunter. Btw any character who beat normal vault hunter can easily toggle between normal and true at the main menu. Your level and gear are persistent so they will stay with you between modes.

Also just for clarity (even though am sure you already know atleast some of this, but those who aren’t as far may appreciate the info) your character exp bar is of course yellow. When you beat the game a pink guardian rank exp bar will appear above it. Also unfortunately guardian rank can’t be turned off…and according to others all the guardian rank stat bonuses currently hard cap at 15%.