Rank numbers for my gaige

i wonder what my rank numbers should be at
i have a lvl 72 gaige that i started like 2 weeks ago
and old siren lvl 72 that i played like a month…

total hours in game 270±

i need to know what ny rank numbers should be at ±

Thanks !

rank numbers?

hey yeah i mean bad ass rank numbers.

There’s no hard measure here as it depends on many factors and ultimately how you play. For example, players that create many characters instead of choosing a few are likely to end up with a higher BAR. Prestiging (resetting your challenge progress) as it is now does require you to get out of the way for some of the challenges so unless you know about this feature you probably won’t even be able to do so once.

Really, just play however you like.


Doesn’t matter, BA rank isn’t worth farming, just stack it up as you go. Keep in mind some stats like shield recharge delay can actually be counter productive in some situations…

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just wanted to know if my numbers legit.
im around 40-50k and most stats are 11-12%
health 22-24%

just wanted to make sure im legit.


If you did it by playing the game, it’s legit irregardless of the number… If you used some other source to boost it, it’s not legit, IMHO at least


Wouldn’t you know better than anyone ?
Usually people question the legitimacy of OTHER players…

I don’t understand the question

Or maybe you did edit your BAR and are asking if the number you picked is plausible ?

i want to know if my numbers are legit for my level / progress…

i got 40-50k and each stat is like 11%
grenade and meele at 1%
and 26% health

Why wouldn’t it be legit ?
Did you get it by playing ?

Closing because its quite obvious this is about third party software that breaks the rules of this forum.