Rank TPS Vault Hunters from strongest to weakest

In your opinion.

In my opinion it goes something like this:

  1. Jack
  2. Nisha / Wilhelm
  3. Claptrap / Athena / Aurelia

(I haven’t played much Aurelia, possibly she can be bumped up above the other 2)

I have been playing this game ALOT and probably consider it my favourite Borderlands game. So I’d say I’m pretty confident about the list.

Jack’s clones special ability pretty quickly becomes OP so he goes 1st.
Nisha becomes a powerhouse quickly with her gunzerk pistol skill, but taking out bosses with her still can be a pain so she goes second.
Wilhelm seems underated by many for some reason, but his special skill is similar to Jack and with points in his Venom Bolts skill his attack drone does sick damage. He has a mod that quickens his cooldown and buffs venom bolts skill and other awesome skills so arguably he is stronger than Nisha for taking out bosses I found.
Athena at first seems brain-dead easy but actually I found I had to grind with her quite a bit to get through NVHM. Bosses can give her quite a bit of trouble, I found basically to get past them you had to hide and wait for the aspis shield to recharge and spam.
Claptrap at first seemed like the clear weakest, however once his Pirate Ship.exe is unlocked it basically becomes a boss killing 1-shotter, and I found when you’re up against a boss it activates quite alot, like algorithm designed that way or something, which is cool. If you get his meat grinder melee exe though you will find yourself cursing the screen in frustration.
Aurelia I not played much of her but her special skill, again somewhat similar to Wilhelm and Jack, seems really powerful. Also she has a skill which greatly speeds up her bullets so she is surprisingly deadly with Torgue guns.

Opinions etcetera?

It’s been a while but @khimerakiller once summed up the classes pretty accurately in this thread:

In the meantine, Wilhelm has seen some wonderful players that upped his ranking quite a bit though.

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Even at the endgame, this game’s soft scaling makes it hard to see who really pulls ahead. But for bossing I’d go…

  • Top tier
    1. Athena - (the longer she’s at 700+ stacks, the further ahead she pulls)
    2. Jack - (requires ‘glitch looping’ to out pace Nisha)
    3. Nisha - (starts falling apart if she runs out of launcher ammo, or can’t crit transfer)
    4. Claptrap - (only downside is if the enemy heavily resist explosive damage, like Odjurmir)
  • Strongest in theory, but almost never in practice
    5. Aurelia - (if an enemy can be crit , she can be stronger than Athena. But if they can’t, she’s weaker than Wilhelm)
  • Serviceable
    6. Wilhelm - (if it wasn’t for the Laser Disker, I’d be tempted to not even include him on the list)


  • God
    1. Nisha
  • Doesn’t have two sources of auto-aim
    2. Jack
    3. Athena
    3. Claptrap
    5. Aurelia
    5. Wilhelm

Although the harder the game (mutator 9), the more this list looks like the bossing one.


no love for wilhelm huh? I put him above Claptrap I guess only because I’m really not a fan of explosive builds much, especially when the bullets can’t be sped up.

P.S. check out my new thread Generally speaking do you agree that TPS VHs are much stronger than BL2 VHs? it’d be great to have your opinions :grin:

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Clappy mainly loves the Flakker, with a little bit of Laser Disker. Both play quite differently from the gyrojets if you want to give it another swing.