Ranked/Competetive play

Can you please add some type of ranking to this game please because I’m tired of getting paired up against/with players who aren’t that good or likes to quit. I know ranked play won’t lower the rage quiting but if people are playing for a ranking than there will be less quiting. Also you will be ranked with people who are of similar skill.

The thing with ranked and rage quitting is they can implement a system where if you leave before a game is over you get x period of time out, and if it tracks the percentage of games you leave early it extends if it’s becoming too common. Some people you see in a game and recognize them for leaving when things get hairy, so you’re just waiting for the game to become a 4v5. Also it would punish people when a new character is out and they want to just quit/cry about it if they don’t get said character.

TL;DR I agree with a ranked system for various reasons.

I play various games with ranked modes, smite being my favorite because you can’t use a god unless you mastered it and it doesn’t happen over a match on two. Battleborn can have a requirement of rank 5 to be able to use characters to eliminate that feeling of not know how to use someone. and maybe if they had a ban phase where teams ban 2 char since there isn’t a large amount of chars to make games more strategic and more objective base.

Yeah, in PvP 39 and I was the highest of my group. Got put up against 90-100 guys. I had 2 under llvl 10. It wasn’t good.

If they add the whole picks/ban phase then they have to go to it not being blind pick. As of right now it would be what, every team bans Gali and Alani? Cool, unless you enjoy those characters.

honestly I’d ban alani/marqius or alani/thorn. People complain about how strong gali is but I don’t see it. Yea she is strong but I’ve found way to stop her like I’ve found ways to stop alani and marqius. Not saying I’m the best at battleborn which I am far from, each char has a weakness that I have found through multiple trial and error. And thorn gives me the biggest problem right now. So it’s a matter of weakness for each team

Can even throw kelvin into the mix because he has a lot of stopping power in my opinion

The point wasn’t the specific characters, it’s that it will literally be the two strongest characters in the game - especially when it’s blind pick.

True but there is also a chance that it could open it up to strategic play where the chars you pick actually matter and not because you like how they play

Blindly banning two characters won’t really do that. If you want to add strategy it has to be visible picks in a draft style format or it will just be banning popular characters. It still might if you see the picks, but with seeing the picks you get to counter pick etc which is where the strategy really lies. I know when I play with one of my buddies online we tend to wait and see what everyone on our team has chosen before we decide so we can round it out. It helps that we both can play a variety of characters well though, so it doesn’t really take anything away from it by not getting champion x.

I see what your saying. I agree than, a draft would be viable

I’m sure it’s something they’re looking at though, they have alluded to having other modes etc on the horizon and I’m sure that’s one of them when the game isn’t so much in it’s infancy. I have faith.

Ranked mode and draft mode are both in development but have no set release date. Just be patient; the developers have a lot on their plate right now.

Like releasing new characters, who turn out to be unbalanced, and then having to balance them?

Honestly, ranked mode should’ve come before new characters. It only requires programming to develop, and they already have the framework of a matchmaking system to work off of.

I get the competition with overwatch to stay relevant, but the benefits of having a ranked mode is intangible. It clears up regular matchmaking for new players so they end up being dominated less often. Even when skilled players are in regular matchmaking, it’s usually to play with a character they are unfamiliar with.

It also gives players who have unlocked everything a reason to keep playing the game, which is how solid communities are built.

Alani’s release was a bit of a flop, honestly. I’m sure it will all settle out okay, but people are pissed about how broken she is (talking about in-game voice chats, not just the forums)

Now they willl release another new character before ranked mode… How well will this one go?

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