Ranked matches!

My name is Gabriel and I played a match in battle born where I had 5 people, 4 were lvl6 or under and the other team had lvl 30 or up. Dota 2 has a ranked match where people who are higher lvled can play and get better rewards. I think battle born would flourish with ranked matches.

During beta they had Ranked Matches, where they either played Meltdown or Incursion. Not sure whats the rationale behind removing that feature. I have been play incursion since release because of the game mode was the most popular (Had trouble getting into meltdown).

That was just a little test of it, they are in the early stages of developing that but it’s in the plans

Thanks for the update. I really enjoy this game, and ranked matches could really help it go in the right direction.

This plus draft picks would be awesome