Ranked Matchmaking on Consoles

Are there any plans for a Ranked playlist? I think this would be awesome, and i know it was tested in the PC Beta. Im a lil tired of rage quitters and think this playlist would help tremendously with our problem here.

And what about replays? i understand the kill cam due to the nature of TTK in the game, but i honestly feel that it would help the community and the competitive scene if we had match replays so we could see and understand our gameplay mistakes.

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I think Jythri mentioned that they wish to add Replays into the game? Or at least thinking about it.

Which console are you on? Game DVR is built into Xbox…

the playstation also has dvr, i was looking for something like call of duty theater mode, we can toggle screen names and watch replays. Nothing incredibly fancy, battles get chaotic and we have a recap but i would like to see firsthand how i was just killed,once again i understand the kill cam. these matches are saved to a server, because each one has a match id(its usually in the bottom left corner during match results). Why not share that data and send us back at least the last 5 match replays or at least the option to save one.

this would be awesome do you have the reference link?

Man I wish, it was in some topic during the Open Beta, so it’s pretty buried now.

I hope we get one at some point

Let’s keep this thread going as long as possible hopefully gearbox will notice how much we really want it.