Ranked matchmaking

I have just checked my match history and turns out i won 24 out 25 (with riddiculous K/D ratios 25-1 etc) my last incursion games, I dont know about you guys but this doesnt feel competive at all, everyone enjoys winning but if you are put with less experienced or less skiled players the fun quickly vanishes. Im not even rank 100 and I am starting to doubt whether this game will ever be competive, gearbox seems more concerned about introducing new characters and balancing them than making some core changes in the mechanics of the game.
Most of those wins were due to the great feature of staying in the same party after the game, this really changed around my Battleborn experience however I still believe that introducing ranking system will make this game 10x better and honestly this is the only thing I am waiting at the moment. All I hear is that console players will get it soon but we dont get any specifics. So Gearbox whats the plan?


I think ranked play will come. But more than a few games have been undone by trying ranked play first, without a fairly well balanced set of characters. All you need is for people to use twink characters to spike past any kind of intelligent ranking, and THEN complain about how unfair it is their favored characters get nerfed.

As was just seen with the Alani nerf, there are a few problems that need to be sorted out, such as support characters having so much DPS, that they out DPS attacker, skirmisher and assassin characters routinely.

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Exactly how I feel right now with the recent changes to matchmaking.


I rather win 24/25 matches than wait that same amount of time to maybe get 3 games in.

It looks like they changed the ELO system style of things and made the Matchmaking back to it’s original form (ps4). I almost gave up Battleborn cause it was taking so long to find matches.

I would rather wait a little bit longer and have a good, fun game, than be matched slightly faster with the completely unbalanced teams it has now.

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