Ranked mode game

Didn’t understand, battleborn now have Ranked game mode on PC, or not ?

There is no ranked game yet. However, there is a hidden ELO rating which is supposed to place you in a rating bracket together with players in your skill group. Whether or not that’s working is something only Gearbox knows.

When you are getting teamed up with level 4 player, I highly doubt that their k/d ratio, win ratio and whatever counts in the hidden ELO rating is equivalent to a high level player. Matchmaking is just broken.

It is planning to introduce? It’s very important for me, and i’m think for other gamers. If not - moneyback =(

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Competitive support
They are definitely comitted to ranked and other competitive support, but they need to prioritize the most critical issues, season pass, etc. Does not mean that they will only do other stuff first then work on competitive, but it’s a matter of priority.
The entire team plays other competitive games, Starcraft, LoL, DOTA, others. They looking for the right form to support competitive ranked play. He couldn’t say much right now about it. When pressed by the interviewer, he said “probably looking at 2-3 months”. Couldn’t be much more specific than that.
Esports support - Very first thing they want to get out is spectator mode, the ability to broadcast. First draft is that you’ll be able to host a private match, with two extra players, #11 and #12. Those will be spectator players, with their own interface and ability to view all stats for players. That will come out sooner.
Following spectator mode, they’re working on a draft mode. Again, they are working to get beyond the launch window issues.
Other competitive stuff, he just can’t make promises. They “desperately want to go there”, they will go there, but it’s down the road. Notes that Overwatch also just recently pulled back on releasing ranked and other competitive play support from its launch too. No animosity toward Blizz, notes that ranked and competitive is a hard thing to do and that Blizz is facing some of the challenges that Gearbox is too.

Whether or not it’s gonna take them 2-3 months to implement a ranked system as we saw in open beta, I do not know.

it’s batter than nothing, they have plan on it.

It’s not working, I can guarantee that. I’ve had tons of games with level 2-6 players on my team vs 30-40 leveled enemy team. Literally just got done with a match where someone took my Miko and was throwing Kunai at our team saying “it’s not healing you” we got swept badly.

Hm, it must be hard trying to determine what is a “critical issue”. To be honest, I can’t ever acknowledge the fact a DLC can be a “critical issue”. Battleborn is a game that swim in competitive waters, and as such a ranked system to give players an incentive to play and actually compete is, IMO, way more important to the well being of the game. Battleborn won’t work in the long term by just staying casual “until somewhere down the road”.

We’ll see I guess, but I can’t help but feel that’s something isn’t totally spot on here.