Ranked mode with draft picking

I love the game so far but I don’t feel the as if I’m like it’s as satisfying competively as it could be. I really think that this game could have a great competitive scene if it implinted a ranked mode. One with different tier levels like bronze, silver, gold ext like in league to keep us coming back for more to see how high we can climb in the ranks. On top of this I feel there should be a draft pick where no one character can be chosen twice and there can be character bans, to promote more thought out team comps and keep away from playing against almost identical team builds.


Hello, i prefer also a Ranked que.
But im not sure about the Draftmode from other Moba’s cause for this system we have to "less"charakters.
Example .> Support Charakter’s . There to less Supporter, in fact only 1 Real healer.

Maybe Draft without banns can work good, but 1-2 banns on each side, will be to much.

Secondpoint, it would be nice if BB add a Multiplayer LVL and a StorymodeLvL.
I Mean some guys, are lvl 20+ without playing any pvp Game at all, maybe they have also no clue about Mobagames.
Watch in Steamforum 80% of this posts are nonsense cause they dont know anythink about Mobagame’s.

And in Fact BB is a Mobagame with FPS elements, on 1 Lane.
The Junglecamps are same like other Moba’s, they dont give you money, but help you to push the lane.
Also Turrets are just support to Push the lane , and ya thats it.
After some Games every veteran Mobaplayer know how to play the map Competetive.

We need a Elo in PvP Games, very fast.And not only for Ranked games, we need Elo in normalgames to.
Also for Leaver a punishment, that they cant play after leave 1-2 hours!
Also no SoloKampagne or anythink.

Now if you want, you can just left pvp match, que up to Storymodus, or play 1 Story mission alone, and then back PvP.
Just annoying

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ELO is already in the game but it’s still collecting data. The more you play the more data the system has and the easier it is to rank you correctly.

I agree that there aren’t enough characters in the roster yet for bans, but with the addition of alani when she comes out there will be two real healers. So as long as they some how make it that if your team drafts Miko they can’t draft alani or vice versa then I think draft could have some serious potential to be a lot of fun.

Ya look, 2 -3 Support Chars with Banns is to less.
Your Team firstpick Supporter, and Bann the rest .
For a Bann/Draftmode you need almost for every charaktertyp Atleast 4 Charakters. In my Opinion.

But anyway, Ranked would be nice, without Banns at the moment.
Also A PvP LvL and a PvE LvL.

A Punishment for leaving PvP Game.

BB can be really funny with a good team vs good team, and in my opinion tournaments can look really funny , im not sure about our Spectator Mode, but i hope its good :wink:
But for this, we need a Option to play Competetiv

Errr, how about not turning the game into a job and keep the fun instead. While exciting to “climb levels,” once this becomes a priority, the fun will step aside to make room for the grind. There are already enough grindy games out there. Let’s keep the NSA feel of Battleborn.

Agreed on the ranked system idea. Don’t really mind how they do it, but it’s just terrible being put against players who are vastly more skilled. If players aren’t having fun because of this, how long do you think they’ll stick around (and how many will ask for a refund in the next 2 weeks)?

without exception, ranked play has only ever caused problems within communities. There may be some positive outcomes, such as the challenge, the accomplishment, etc. but even that is all tied to pride. Then you have the way more overtly negative consequence, which is elitism

1 Ban, 1 reserve.

Ban: neither team can use

Reserve: only reserving team can use

Legendary gear ban/reserve (since if its esports a pre select list of gear accessible by both teams will be required) pretty much like COD BO3 esports.

You know a ranked play is coming right? No point releasing straight away, they have to collect ranking and skill data, balance characters and fix maps. Which is exactly what their doing.

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