Ranked MUST be your next endeavor

Hello all,

Day one player here. Went through tech test, skipped beta for some reason, and preordered digital deluxe. Game is definitely something special here, and the general consensus is that the game, despite its flaws, has some great unrealized potential.

The DLC’s and skins are a step in the right direction, of course, but as you’ll find, even these operation missions will not suffice in expanding and retaining the playerbase.

Based on experiences with pretty much every competitive player to have played this game, one thing is painfully clear: the community NEEDS ranked play - not just tighter MMR restrictions (though this is ideal) - but an actual tangible ranking system.

I understand that you, GBX, are in the process of creating a competitive playlist with potentially a draft and/or picks+bans. This is great, but there has been an overwhelming lack of information besides faint allusions to these plans.

The months have gone by, and with them, so have many players. However, virtually everybody I have spoken to on the matter have said they would even return to Battleborn if a ranked playlist came out. Think about it; this is a very worthwhile avenue to pursue in retaining and expanding the playerbase. Competition would flourish, the balance changes will be made with more data and feedback, old and new players will have incentive to continue playing, ect ect.

I implore you, GBX, implement ranked play. Place it as high as you can on your priority list. In my eyes, ranked play > Kid Ultra release, Toby (my #1 character) DLC, new skins, or anything, really. For the love of your game, do not underestimate what a tangible ranking system does for a community’s competitive drive.


I would LOVE this and want anyway to get competitive modes. With that being said, I don’t think there is a player base on any system, maybe XB1, but I play PS4 and I know it won’t last.

I don’t play OW comp because… Well, I suck at twitch shooters and solo queueing is such a gamble, but I definitely like the idea.
If Battleborn got something similar I’d probably play the heck out of it.

I also liked OWs “min lvl 25 to play ranked”. Battleborn should be at 40 at the lowest though, IMO. Could make normal play more hospitable if a large portion of higher leveled players are playing ranked.

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I think it should be rank 40 AND have beaten heliophage.

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I’d rather they implement something along the lines of a prestige system < /broken record>

There is one on Xbone and PS4. Only PC is doing as terrible as the doomsayers say. I get matches faster than I want on PS4, and apparently Xbone is healthier

They confirmed that this would have to be in a wave 2 of DLC. Increased command rank on the other hand, could come earlier

I waited over 20 minutes last night in incursion before I got a game. It was 7 est, that should be a game every minute.

Wow, I never wait that long. I wouldn’t know why

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There’s lot of things I’d like different in this game, no matter how much I enjoy it. Just the natural state of a game like this. I don’t usually think twice about them.

There’s a couple things, though, I have enough issue with that it causes me to play less. Ernest in general and that a command rank increase was not implemented months ago.

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Huh, I’ve never gotten the Ernest hate. I rarely see or are troubled by him


That comment was like throwing a rare steak to a hungry lion. Or a nice cake to a friendly hobbit. Either way, I’m not going to derail the thread by going on a rant, but I despise the character utterly and have posted my reasons in other Ernest specific threads.

I tend to have worse luck. I run into him maybe 1/3 games and he rarely fails to overperform.



I don’t have a problem with Ernest either, the only times I HATE him is when the player got really good with the bounce and angles of the maps. I just equate that to the player being good. In this case, I am hating the player and not the game.


there will be nobody left to play the game by the time they get to something like this. Its already super hard to find a match over the last week. You’ll be “ranking” yourself up against the other 30 people left playing the game.

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Lmao isn’t the game like this already. Minus the ranking.

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I am Jokerking9211 and I approve this message.

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LOL, yeah. That’s kind of why I said this. I’m on x1 and have had some struggles getting matches this last week.

Haven’t had an issue here. Regardless, the post mentions ranked bringing in new players AND old players who have quit, which is what would happen based on what I’ve heard from everybody I’ve spoken to.


I want ranked but hoping they’d implement an effective anti-cheat first. Better than most games but still present.

I don’t think you understand how small the player base is at this current moment. If they bring ranked mode as a community event once a month for four days with very different rules like drafting/bans/no legendary items then maybe it will work, but if it is just brought in as an extra queue, then it would fail hard and split the player base even more.