Ranked or CR raise?

I recently stopped playing as frequently due to boredom with Incursion and just the lack of updates in general. But in the weeks I’ve been away I’ve missed the game, Overwatch is a fun replacement but doesn’t feel anywhere near as nuanced or rewarding as BB has been for me.

So where are the incentives for someone like me to play anymore? I could continue to rank up characters I haven’t yet but frankly just ticking up XP feels pointless especially when my favorite characters are already done.

The new DLC aside, which I will be playing so there is a start, why is there still not ranked? If BB’s community still isn’t growing why not try to appeal to the players who have been around the longest? Ranked would be ideal in my mind, losing and gaining ranks would be crack-like in its addictiveness to me and I’m sure others.

But at the very least why not raise CR cap to 120? or 140? Make the grind arduous for all I care, just give me a reason to try again in this game rather than hop into a solo game of Incursion with my favorite mastered character, get spanked by a five man, or just superior comp and then realize I wasted half an hour I could have spent doing something else. Or vice versa we stomp or even have a great game, but the result still remains, no increase in command rank or character, just still sitting still.


i agree ive wanted new incentive for months besides just DLC. id love some prestige or just something for the many cr100s.

I still hop on BB every Thursday but lately I play maybe once a week but at one point its all I played now I ont play nearly as much as id like to I just feel there isn’t anything for me to do

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It has dumfounded me since the first double xp event as to why they have not implemented something like this yet.

Accumulating credits is alright, but it’s not enough to keep me playing as much as I used to. I enjoy the game, but I’ve long since mastered the dozen or so characters I enjoy playing. And I there are just some whose playstyle and kits are so distasteful to me that I refuse to play them just for the continued advancement.

Orendi was my absolute favorite character to play for the first months of the game. I didn’t go overboard, but since Toby and Reyna were also amongst my favorites I quickly got 250 games and 100 wins for the Rogue titles. There’s now no incentive for me to keep playing them, no advancement, no lore, no titles. Just credits.

Fun, if a game is fun play it, if it is not play a game that is fun. If no games are fun read a book, take a walk, watch a movie, what ever you enjoy.

For me Rank 100 or Rank 200 I would still be playing if I’m having fun with it. If I was bored at 100 playing to 200 I would be doing it just to hit 200 but still be bored. If I was having fun I wouldn’t care 100 or 200 because fun.


I’ve had fun with it for around 300 hours, I just want to keep having fun with it, and it’s getting stale. And no, I disagree about being bored at 100 so I’ll still be bored at 200. Games like this all over have prestige systems and the like for this exact reason, wether or not CR truly “means” anything is besides the point, as gamers we are rewarded by making our numbers go higher. Look at any of the clickers out there or Destiny or WoW or League or even Overwatch these are built in so players don’t feel like they’ve “finished” the game.

Going from 109 to 110 and you’ve got 10xp left before you hit it? You play another match that night instead of turning it off for the week because you already mastered everyone. You want to be able to say you’re amazing at the game? How about getting 40 levels higher than the fair weather players who dropped out two months ago because they moved onto something else?

What about continuing to have a reason to support and be in the community you enjoy than just being comfortable in what something is?

I could go on forever, but the point is this is a great game but if you ate your favorite food everyday and it never changed in the slightest it would still be your favorite food but you’d stop eating it for a while, or go somewhere else to get it.


Obviously ranked.

Cause the same thing is going to happen when you hit the next 5 levels. There just no real reward from it. Also if you attach new helix options it will just be imba.

For sure I’d love ranked but people have said in the past the player base isn’t large enough for it? I’m not exactly sure why that matters but I’m sure they are more aware of that than I am.

I just think upping CR cap would be an easy and worthwhile addition, no one would lose anything from it and they only stand to gain more sticking power with the people like me who are happy to feel in the upper echelon of players.

I don’t know why it hasn’t been mentioned but there’s a new quick match queue that offers capture and Meltdown and a lot of people are in that now, so different modes shake things up. They said they’re upping CR soon, but no official word on when. We’ll see. Drafting is on its way. Nothing specific about ranked


The thing is, the majority of people who own the game aren’t cr rank 100, and that’s what they’re looking at, the raw statistics pulled straight from the trophy numbers.

What they don’t realize, is that while the cr 100’s are the minority, it’s usually just rank 100’s that are actually still playing.

It may not be a priority now, but cr 100s need to be given either a cap raise, or a prestige system.

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I’m OK with being CR100/CR15. It gives me the incentive to focus on getting fun out of the game as it is, not on “progress for progress”.

But I’d be glad if the exp I don’t get was converted to credits or exp for other heroes.

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please add CR prestiges because:

  • it will incentivize more people to play the game, thus a bigger player base. Hey it might not be that many more players but it takes next to no resources to do so might as well.
  • When noobs see all lvl 100’s they get intimidated since they think the person played a lot as they are the max level which in reallity isn’t much different from being lvl 50 in COD w/ no prestige.

On the PC u can keep track of the time playing the game so u know if someone is lvl 100 and a noob at 100 hours or pro at 1000 hours but some people just afk so it would be really nice to know how much people actually play.

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Yeah but its also not a change that will bring people back. However, if it is worth while by making it give new mutations. Then you create a situation of unbalance if the perks are to good.

Also Yay grinding is something nobody said ever.

You ≠ everybody
Some find it cathartic


I don’t think anyone said anything about new mutations adding new perks would almost for sure create issues, especially if locked behind a prestige.

And sure it won’t be THE way to bring people back to the game, but it would bring ME back to the game and it looks like some other people feel the same way on this thread.

And people love grinding look at FF or CoD or Battlefield or WoW or Monster Hunter or Pokemon or Hearthstone or League or Dota, to name a few they’ve got plenty of grinding and are incredibly successful and rewarding.

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That is a super great change I agree, I think I posted this the day of or before Incursion was totally removed from the quick match and that does have me very excited.

Couldn’t agree more man.

I think you and Derch are both totally entitled to your feelings on that, however not everybody feels the same way and as mentioned before it would be an easy addition and do nothing but benefit players like me who would enjoy it, and since you two think its fun for funs sake it doesn’t take anything away from you either.


It’s hard to say whether or not it’d be an easy addition. If it wasn’t coded into the game before, or if no one worked on it at all, it may prove to be expensive, and difficult.

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[quote=“Orgalorgorg, post:15, topic:1547905”]it doesn’t take anything away from you either
Well, it does take away something. I’m a completionist and it will it itch me every time to see I’m not at max lvl. What is more, it will itch me so much when I recall how much exp from challenges was wasted after I hit CR100. It’s OK now because that extra exp has no use thus it’s not wasted, but if it had - oh my.


Wut m8? Make up your mind, if you’re having fun with the game as it is you’ll tick up over time just like you did when going from 1 to 100, and raising the cap is for that itch in the first place, player retention.

Exactly the point, if a cap raise could be implemented that exp wouldn’t keep being wasted right?

Not wasted just pointless? Kinda same difference no?

BTW I totally get your points I just think changes would benefit more people in more ways than just leaving it be and having the game continue down the same path it is now.


Yeah man I get that, but I hope it’s not the case, it seems like just adding new XP goals and rank numbers next to your name would be relatively easy given those things already exist in the game, but I have no clue how to do any sort of coding so you could be right.

Maybe those 10 $ skins they’re selling could help go towards it.

Oh, my god, I know right? I never mention it, because I thought it was just me, but if I can’t get the exp I wasted with challenges after I hit 100, I don’t want the extra levels.